3 Times Kate Middleton Lost Her Cool in Public

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, exudes grace, poise, and a constant smile almost every time we see her in public. She is, however, only human like the rest of us, and given that cameras are always trained on her when she is out and about, we have seen her lose her cool on occasion.

The Duchess of Cambridge has shown some unexpected emotions on a few occasions.

Prince George being chastised for misbehaving at Pippa’s wedding

When it comes to serving as a page boy and a bridesmaid in weddings, Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, are seasoned pros. The young royals attended Meghan Markle and their uncle Prince Harry’s wedding, as well as Princess Eugenie’s and Kate’s sister Pippa’s weddings to Jack Brooksbank and James Matthews, respectively.

George wasn’t on his best behaviour at their Aunt Pippa’s wedding, and his mother had to correct him outside the church where the paparazzi were taking pictures. According to the Daily Mail, Kate noticed the prince intentionally stepping on Pippa’s gown’s train. The duchess was seen reprimanding her eldest child for his actions, which resulted in the future king crying.

Having Prince William stay out of it while she handles Princess Charlotte’s temper tantrum

When Kate and William went on a royal tour to Germany and Poland in 2017, with George and Charlotte in tow, she had to deal with one of her children acting up.

Charlotte had a full-fledged temper tantrum on the tarmac in Germany on the final day of the family’s visit, just before returning home. The little princess threw a fit in front of the cameras, stomping her feet and falling to the ground. Before there was any more kicking and screaming, Kate scooped up her daughter and carried her around for a few moments to calm her down. Charlotte’s father attempted to intervene at one point, but Kate quickly raised her finger to tell William to back off because she had the situation under control.

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Scowling at William during his speech

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed scowling at her husband as he delivered a speech at a garden party outside Poland’s Presidential Palace during the same trip. It’s unclear what the scowl seen ’round the world was about, but given that their children were also on the tour, it’s possible Kate was just tired.

After a period of not looking like herself, her smiles and laughter returned as she mingled with the other guests at the event after William finished his remarks.

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  1. Kate is entitled to lose her cool, even if it’s in public. She is normal and delightful. So let’s leave her alone, she gets enough shite of her sister in law.

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