Royal Family

Who the Queen was with when she died – revealed

Sadly, the Queen has died at the age of 96. At Balmoral, she was surrounded by her immediate family. Prince Charles and Princess Anne rushed to the royal’s bedside after she was placed under medical supervision on Thursday morning. Shortly after, Prince William was joined by Prince Edward and Prince …

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The Queen has died aged 96

Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for 69 years as its head of state, passed away at the age of 96. Her Majesty passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle. Prince Charles and Prince William, among others, had made the trip to Scotland to be by her side after doctors on …

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Why Princess Eugenie heard the news of the Queen 2,000 miles away

After the palace issued a statement confirming that Her Majesty is under medical supervision and “comfortable” at her home in Balmoral, royal fans became extremely worried about the Queen’s health. Princess Eugenie would have heard the extremely worrying news 2,000 miles away, while many of her children and grandchildren are …

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