Princess Diana's brother is Prince Harry's uncle

Charles Spencer reveals ‘debilitating’ hidden health condition that connects him to Meghan Markle

Charles Spencer, the younger brother of the late Princess Diana, discussed painkillers on his podcast Rabbit Hole Detectives on Wednesday. He co-hosts the show with the Reverend Richard Coles and the historian Dr. Cat Jarman.

The Earl disclosed that he suffers from “debilitating” migraines, but that he has found some relief from them using a procedure that his niece-in-law Meghan Markle also uses.


Charles with his nephew Prince Harry
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Prince Harry’s nephew described his “agony” in the following words: “I see an acupuncturist when I get terrible migraines in patches and he’s brilliant at it but the trouble is, I’m terrified of him because with that needle he brings me sort of a cascade of migraines to get rid of them as it were.”

Richard clarified, “Do you experience cluster headaches, Charles? A cluster of migraines nearby?” He does, the father-of-seven said, adding: “I don’t know why… Even though there are worse conditions, it is still agonizing.


The Earl opened up on his podcast
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“I see a migraine acupuncturist and he puts the big [needle] above your nose and it triggers them. It’s a bad day but it means I probably won’t have one for three weeks after that,” the patient said.

Like Charles, Meghan has experienced relief from the condition’s excruciating headaches, which can also be accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting.


Patients must occasionally be hospitalized, as was the case with the Duchess. She previously told The Chalkboard, “I used to have crippling migraines (hospitalized for them),” adding, “Acupuncture and Eastern medicine absolutely changed my life. Living without migraines is a game-changer.

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK suggests acupuncture as a potential treatment for migraine, tension headaches, and chronic pain.

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