Charles Spencer thrills fans with childhood photo of Princess Diana

On Thursday, Charles Spencer delighted his fans by demonstrating his close sibling bond with his late sister, Princess Diana. The Earl shared a photo of his family playing in an old newspaper clipping, and it appears that Diana and Charles had a relationship that many siblings could relate to. The future Princess of Wales, who was five years old at the time, was playing with her toy car when her younger brother, who was two years old at the time, poured sand all over it.


The Earl is the late Diana’s younger brother   Photo: © Getty Images


Lord Althorp and Viscountess Althorp, as well as their two other children, Sarah, 11, and Jane, nine, were present to witness the scene.

He captioned the photo, “A snapshot of family life in 1966,” before adding a slew of hashtags, including one that perfectly summed up the image: “#terribletwos.”

Many of his followers were ecstatic to see a picture of a young Princess Diana, while others lamented, “Diana,” alongside heart emojis.

One person stated: “Diana’s expression is absolutely priceless. “She asked for a car wash, not a dirt wash!” said one, while another added, “She asked for a car wash, not a dirt wash!” That is, however, a lovely family photograph.”


The Earl shared this childhood photo   Photo: © Instagram


“Diana not impressed with the sand,” said a third, and “Princess Diana’s smile looks like [Princess] Charlotte,” said a fourth.

Although the Earl is open about his home, Althorp Estate, he is more private about his family photos, but he stunned fans last week when he shared a photo of the Queen.

The black-and-white photograph shows the Queen in 1946, when she was still Princess Elizabeth, demonstrating the Spencer family’s long relationship with the royals.

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She walked in front of a row of soldiers in a smart skirt suit, accompanied by another soldier and a man in a suit behind them.


Charles and Princess Diana had a close bond          Photo: © Getty Images


A royal fan posted the photo to social media, and the Earl re-posted it, revealing that the man in the suit was his grandfather, Jack Spencer.

The original caption was as follows: “In 1946, HRH Princess Elizabeth inspects troops at the Spencer parade in Northampton. The 7th Earl Spencer keeps a close eye on HRH.”

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Charles continued, ” “This is my grandfather, Jack Spencer, on the left, dressed in a suit. He’d fought in the First World War (and been wounded).”

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