Ex-butler Paul Burrell is ready to share Diana's 'secrets' with William and Harry

Diana’s ex-butler Paul Burrell who is battling prostate cancer says he must ‘share her secrets with William and Harry’

After learning that he has prostate cancer, Princess Diana’s former butler said he is willing to “share her secrets” with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Diana worked with Paul Burrell for ten years before her death in 1997, referring to him as her “rock” during that time. He now claims that he feels burdened by the secrets Diana confided in him over the course of their relationship and that he wants to tell her two sons “before it’s too late.”


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The former butler and confidante claims that his illness has made it more important than ever to inform William and Harry of what he knows about their mother.

The information Mr. Burrell possesses, according to him, “could bring the boys back together,” which Diana “would have desperately wanted.”

I know some of it isn’t pretty, but if I leave this place and go somewhere else, they won’t know, Mr. Burrell told The Mirror.

“I believe they ought to know,”

Diana would probably say to me, “Paul, you need to prioritize this. You must visit my boys “.’


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Last month, Mr. Burrell disclosed his prostate cancer diagnosis, saying he was worried he wouldn’t have enough time to “tell them the truth.”

He has claimed Diana called him “the only man she ever trusted” and has previously referred to himself as her “best friend.”

The former butler declares that he wants to “do my part” to improve the two brothers’ tense relationship.

He adds that the late Princess would have wanted her sons to be “stuck side by side for the rest of their lives” and that the information Diana trusted him with may help them get closer.

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Last month, Mr. Burrell revealed that he was battling prostate cancer, just weeks after retaliating against Harry over accusations that he had “milked” Diana’s passing for gain.

He also disclosed that he will have surgery this month to remove the problematic prostate gland.

I’m exhausted, I’m taking hormone therapy, which is depriving me of testosterone and preventing my beard from growing as it should, and I’m experiencing hot flashes, he said.

“In the summer, I had to get a full medical because I needed to go for one for a TV show I was producing. And from that, your prostate gland released a lot of PSA, a chemical.



I was wrapping Christmas presents and thinking, “Will I be here next Christmas?” he continued. My boys told me that I needed to tell them, and they said, “Dad, we need to see you more.”

Prostate cancer, the second most prevalent type of cancer in men over 50, has an impact on the male reproductive system by infecting the tiny gland in charge of producing and transporting seminal fluid.

Harry charged Mr. Burrell with “milking” Diana’s tragic death for money when he released his 2001 book A Royal Duty, which contained a wealth of personal revelations, in his contentious autobiography Spare.

However, Mr. Burrell responded to Harry’s criticisms last month by claiming that he doesn’t recognize “the young man I see today.”


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“I first met him in his mother’s womb,” he remarked. The young man I see today is unfamiliar to me. The boy I knew wasn’t that one.

“What I see now is an angry, petulant, privileged prince who never accepts responsibility for his own actions,” the speaker said.

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The Duke of Sussex had “changed fundamentally,” according to Mr. Burrell, and his mother would be “appalled.”

She would be upset by these private, vengeful revelations, he said, because they not only put Harry and his family at risk but also his country, his family, the institution of which his mother was extremely proud, and his late grandmother’s legacy.


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Mr. Burrell claimed that Meghan, the duke’s wife, was the one “driving him behind the scenes” and was to blame for the duke’s “vindictive” behavior.

This isn’t just a book written by Harry, he declared. This book was greatly influenced by Meghan. She is directing him as she stands by his side. Harry cannot be solely to blame. Both of them must be held accountable.

“I don’t like to see our King and Harry’s brother, who is on the verge of becoming King, have the rug pulled out from under them. And the criticisms of Kate [the Princess of Wales] that have surfaced…

Kate has never done anything incorrectly. But because the royals think there is great dignity in silence, the other side of the story will never be heard.


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When Mr. Burrell released his book in 2001, Harry and William accused him of committing “a cold and overt betrayal.”

In his autobiography Spare, Harry describes how, after leaving Eton at the age of 19, he came across the book while working as an unpaid farmhand in Australia in 2003.

He claims to have received a package from Buckingham Palace that was packed with memos from the communications staff at the palace regarding “a delicate matter.”

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He claimed that “Mummy’s former butler had written a tell-all that actually revealed nothing.”

It was merely one man’s self-righteous, self-centered account of what happened.


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“My mother once referred to this butler as a dear friend and had complete faith in him.” We also did. Then this.

He was profiting off of her disappearance. It gave me the willies.

Harry claims that Charles and William convinced him not to fly home to “confront” Mr. Burrell, telling him that all they could do was “issue a united condemnation.”

According to the duke, he would have “gone much further” and had “nothing to do with the drafting” of the Clarence House statement.

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