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Duchess Kate had poignant last meeting with the Queen

The Duchess of Cambridge met with the Queen in the weeks prior to her passing, despite not being present when she passed away.

The Duchess was one of many royals who met with the Queen over the summer break, and Her Majesty passed away on Thursday at her Balmoral residence.


Kate visited the Queen in Balmoral on numerous occasions
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At the end of August, the mother-of-three traveled to the area with her husband, Prince William, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The visit was undoubtedly a success for the royal family, and Kate is sure to have taken a ton of pictures of the young royals spending time with their late great-grandmother.

The Duchess shared never-before-seen pictures after Prince Philip passed away in 2021, including one of the couple with all of their great-grandchildren.

This would be Kate and the kids’ final opportunity to interact with the monarch in person.


Duchess Kate was seen driving in Berkshire


The kids had just begun attending their new school, Lambrook, when the Queen was placed under medical supervision, and the Duchess stayed behind to take care of them while William traveled up to Balmoral.

After Her Majesty’s death, Kate expressed her sorrow by writing “xx” in a statement.

The three young royals have recently moved houses, started new schools, and experienced the loss of their adored great-grandmother. It has been a time of great upheaval for them.

The Cambridge family may need to relocate once more in the wake of the Queen’s tragic passing.


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Beginning in September, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge relocated to Windsor. According to reports, one of their main motivations for doing so was to be nearer to the Queen.

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Questions will undoubtedly be asked about whether the family will move back to London in light of the passing of the Queen and Prince William’s new, more important position as the heir apparent.

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla’s choice of residence after Queen Elizabeth’s passing is still unknown, but it will significantly affect where Prince William and Duchess Kate spend their time.

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