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Duchess Kate helps boy on train after thinking he’s lost

As she engaged in conversation with a young boy she believed to be lost, the Duchess of Cambridge demonstrated how approachable she is.

When Kate decided to take the train up to Birmingham on her way to the Commonwealth Games, she ran into the young boy, who is the son of Times columnist Matthew Syed. The journalist wrote in a column that he and his son, Ted, were flying first class at the time that he had to use the restroom. Ted waited outside for him.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by Princess Charlotte to watch the Commonwealth Games this week               Photo: PA


He clarified: “He is speaking to a woman in the vestibule as I am going about my business. Are you by yourself here? she queries. No, he says, pointing to the bathroom, “my dad is in there.””

They were having a “whale of a time,” Matthew continued, adding that he could hear them laughing together.

Before realizing it was the Duchess of Cambridge, he went to thank the woman as he exited the cubicle.

However, as Matthew recalled, his son didn’t seem any wiser: “Did you recognize that person, son? I query him. He replies, “No idea, but she was really nice.””


Kate was at the Commonwealth Games with William and Charlotte
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In his final sentence, he wrote: “I interpret the fact that the Duchess was conversing with the son of a journalist without realizing it as a reflection of her character and sense of duty. The throne is in expert hands.”

Prince William and Princess Charlotte chose a more exciting entrance, as the Duke of Cambridge flew them in on a helicopter, while Kate took the train to the event.

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William has a wealth of knowledge and a solid reputation as a helicopter pilot. From 2015 to 2017, he worked for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.


The Duchess enjoys travelling by train
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In the RAF, he first gained experience flying helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. In 2009, he began his training to become a search and rescue pilot.

He completed 156 operations after passing his exams in 2010 and becoming certified as an operational Captain.

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