The Prince and Princess of Wales are parents to George, Charlotte and Louis

Everything ‘broody’ Princess Kate has said about a fourth baby

The Prince and Princess of Wales are the proud parents of Prince George, age nine, Princess Charlotte, age seven, and Prince Louis, age four. However, in recent years, mother Catherine has been talking about having a fourth child.

During a visit to the Copenhagen Children’s Museum in February 2022, the Princess, 41, admitted she felt “broody” and joked that her husband, Prince William, was concerned about her working with young children because she always wants “another one” when she gets home.


Catherine holding baby Anastasia in Lancashire in January
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Catherine frequently interacts with infants and young children as part of her daily royal duties, especially since the early years are one of her main areas of focus.

In June 2021, the Princess opened the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood. This week, she also unveiled a new awareness campaign called Shaping Us that emphasizes the significance of a child’s first five years of life and how they affect them later in life.

Despite the royal mother’s admissions, William seems to have ruled out having a fourth child. The Prince cracked a witty joke when wife Catherine found herself holding a three-and-a-half-month-old baby girl during the couple’s visit to Lancashire last year.


Catherine meeting families at the Copenhagen Children’s Museum
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Catherine cooed at Anastasia Barrie while standing next to her parents, Trudi, a volunteer, and Alastair Barrie, a member of the center’s committee, at Church on the Street in Burnley.

While his wife was ogling the infant, William said, “Don’t give her any ideas,” to laughter. He smiled at Catherine and said, “You can’t take her with you.”

And in February 2019, while on a tour of Northern Ireland, Catherine acknowledged feeling pessimistic after meeting a five-month-old boy named James in Ballymena.

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“He is stunning. It gives me the blues “Alan, the father of James Barr, was the first to inquire about a potential fourth child after Catherine told him. I think William might be a little worried, the Princess chuckled.


Prince Louis is the Princess of Wales’ youngest child


In July 2013, at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, William and Catherine welcomed Prince George into the world for the first time. Two years later, the couple’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, and second son, Prince Louis, both arrived at the same hospital.

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