Fans Praise Kate Middleton for Showing She’s Ready for Future Following Queen Elizabeth’s Injury

When it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II would miss the 2021 Remembrance Day service in the United Kingdom due to an injury she sustained, one key figure was missing.

This was only the monarch’s seventh absence from the event during her 69-year reign. She had previously been absent from the service four times, twice due to pregnancy and four times due to a tour abroad.

In the absence of the matriarch of the royal family, all eyes were on the other senior royals, particularly Kate Middleton, whom fans praised on social media after her appearance. Here’s what fans are saying about the Duchess of Cambridge and the queen’s injury.

Who did Kate stand with, and who took Queen Elizabeth’s place?

The Cenotaph War Memorial’s Remembrance Sunday service on Nov. 14, 2021, would have been Queen Elizabeth’s first public appearance since her hospital stay on Oct. 20-21. Instead, she had to miss it due to a back sprain.

“Her Majesty is disappointed that she will miss the service,” the palace said in a statement. A Buckingham Palace source told Reuters that the sprain had nothing to do with the queen’s recent hospital visit, calling it a “incredibly unfortunate coincidence.”

The Duke of Kent, who was accompanied by another of the monarch’s cousins, Princess Alexandra, took the queen’s place on the balcony above the Cenotaph. Kate stood next to Camilla Parker Bowles and Sophie, Countess of Wessex on a nearby balcony.

Following her appearance, royal fans applauded the duchess.

When photos of Kate standing alongside Camilla and Sophie were released, many people took to social media to praise the Duchess of Cambridge, according to the Express.

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“Kate will be a fantastic queen,” one Twitter user predicted.

“Exquisitely presented, impeccable, and respectful.” “Kate is the crown jewel,” one person wrote.

“We have a royal family to be proud of, and the addition of the Duchess of Cambridge has definitely improved it,” a third person said.

“The future of the monarchy, Charles will reign with William at his side,” a fourth person tweeted. Catherine is a valuable member of the royal household. Today, they were all teary-eyed.”

Another wrote, “Just stunning — our future queen and what a consort she will make to William.”

Kate could have paid homage to two royals.

Some speculated that Kate’s Remembrance Day ensemble was a tribute to not one, but two royals.

The mother of three wore a collared jacket with Princess Diana’s Collingwood earrings and a poppy pin with three red flowers, according to the Daily Mail. The duchess also wore a black wide-brimmed Tiffany hat worth £275 ($369 USD), which was similar to one worn by her late mother-in-law during the service in 1992.

With her hat choice, the Duchess of Cambridge may have been paying tribute to both Diana and her grandmother-in-law, according to Elizabeth Holmes, author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style. Wide-brimmed hats are an important part of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe, according to Holmes.

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