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Fans seriously divided by Harry and Meghan’s decision over Lilibet’s Princess title

On March 8, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a significant announcement to make.

As they addressed Lilibet for the first time as “Princess,” the couple revealed that they had christened their daughter in a service held at their Montecito home.

When their grandfather was crowned King, titles were automatically given to Lilibet and her brother, three-year-old Archie.


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Even though Harry and Meghan have stepped down from their roles as working royals, we have exclusively revealed that King Charles agreed that the Duke of Sussex’s children should use their royal titles at the end of 2022.

The couple is expected to use their children’s names in formal contexts but not in casual conversation.

According to reports, they are concerned about not taking away their children’s birthrights but rather giving them the choice to decide for themselves when they are older whether to stop using the titles or not.

Royal watchers’ responses have been conflicted.

So, the age-old query is still relevant, a Twitter user said. “Why would you want to style your kids prince and princess/keep your own royal titles if being a royal is so traumatic, such a burden, carries so much pain across generations?”

Someone, please tell me what “formal settings” two young children in California will be a part of, asked the second.


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A third added: “This is so obviously hypocritical. Although the parents have the option to refuse the titles, as Princess Anne did with her children Zara & Peter, the children are now legally entitled to them.”

The news made some people happy. “Diana Lilibet has been christened as Princess. Best wishes to our adorable California Princess.” Prince Archie and Princess Lil’ Diana, I adore it!’ a second echoed.

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Another royal observer merely said: “When Charles was crowned king, the kids automatically gained the titles of prince and princess. 1917 proclamation from King George V. All the current monarch’s grandchildren receive titles.”


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The month before Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare was published, father and son agreed that the children would be referred to as Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet of Sussex.

When Harry and Meghan’s grandfather became King Charles III, their children inherited the titles of Prince and Princess, but it was unclear if they would adopt them given rumors that the monarch could issue letters patent to revoke them.

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