Here’s what happened on Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ first day of school

The three children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began the new school year at Lambrook School on Wednesday with faces beaming with anticipation.

In a car driven by the Duke from their new Windsor residence, Adelaide Cottage, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, participated in a settling-in session with their parents, Prince William and Kate.


The royal children have started at Lambrook School


The royal kids walked alongside their parents to the entrance while wearing the stylish summer uniform of the private school, laughing and joking all the while.

William stroked his hair reassuringly as he acknowledged Louis’ first day of full-time school. The three siblings are enrolled in the same school for the first time; Louis will begin in the pre-reception prep’s class, while George and Charlotte will begin in years five and three, respectively.

Jonathan Perry, their new headmaster, greeted them.

He greeted them with “Welcome Your Royal Highnesses,” to which Kate responded, “Very nice to see you.”

Mr. Perry then gave each child a handshake and said: “Thank you for coming to Lambrook, George. Hello and welcome, Louis.”
Both boys had their hair neatly combed to one side and were dressed appropriately in black shoes, smart navy shorts, and white and green checked shirts.


The children were greeted by the headmaster


He then turned to face their sister, who was decked out in a black dress, navy socks, and gingham shorts for summer “Welcoming to Charlotte It’s wonderful to have you here. The years to come have us extremely optimistic. Are you anticipating it with excitement, kids?”

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The Duke answered, “They are anticipating it. They have numerous inquiries.”

The family of five avoided the rain for their brief public appearance on September 8—the eve of their first day of classes—in front of just one photographer, one reporter, one cameraman, and a Kensington Palace press representative.

The Duchess noted that it had been pleasant each time they had visited during their protracted search for the ideal school for their children, adding, “It’s a lovely day again.”

Jenny Perry, the headmaster’s wife, greeted them as they entered the building together and stood in the doorway, saying, “Welcome back to Lambrook.” With the whole gang,” William retorted.


Louis will join his siblings in education for the first time
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The Cambridges stayed inside for roughly 90 minutes, getting to know other recent matriculants and their families.

While William and Kate enjoyed refreshments with other parents, George, Charlotte, and Louis were shown to their new classrooms and reconnected with their teachers.

According to a source, the Cambridge kids were especially thrilled to be attending the same school together for the first time. They are very excited to start a new school together, and I believe their parents are as well, the source said.

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