Global parenting expert Jo Frost shares her views

How Princess Charlotte ‘Keeps George and Louis in check’ at home

Even though Prince George is the future King, it seems like Princess Charlotte, his younger sister, is the one in charge at home.

According to global parenting expert Jo Frost, of Supernanny fame, who shared her observations, the eight-year-old Princess frequently serves as a check on her brothers, Prince George, who is ten, and Prince Louis, who is five.


“Charlotte knows the rules,” said Jo. “She knows how to keep everyone in good stead”                                       Photo: Getty Images


“Charlotte is aware of the laws. Jo said to HELLO!, “She’s the one in the middle!” “She is skilled at keeping everyone in good standing. There have been times when I’ve watched George and he’s looked over at his sister. I imagine that one minute he’s probably annoyed with her and appreciative that she’s there to help him remember things, and the next he’s taking it all in.”

Jo disclosed that Prince William and Princess Catherine are instilling a strong sense of adherence to royal protocol in their children. Catherine has dedicated her life to promoting the Early Years and has a special interest in children under the age of five. In addition, the knowledge that everything has its proper time and location.

“I think really what we’re seeing is awareness,” Jo replied. “We are informing Prince George and Princess Charlotte, especially George, our future King. He has undoubtedly begun to pick up little knowledge here and there. He has the admirable example of having looked up to his father and grandfather since he was a small child.


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“They grow up knowing about the customs and processes of the royal family. And they grow up knowing that everything has its proper place and time.”

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Jo continued, “Any family can relate to it. For instance, we are aware that it would be polite and appropriate to keep quiet during the choir’s performance and the service if there was a wedding or christening approaching. I consider that to be simply responsible parenting, and that is evident.

“They have a lovely balance of that and behind closed doors, no doubt they’re playing games and winding each other up as siblings do, teasing each other, having fun and baking cookies and being out in nature.”


William and Kate are treating their children equally: “It would never be the ‘heir and spare'”
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Jo continued by saying that the three kids are receiving the same treatment. “I believe William and Catherine recognize the value of fostering their three siblings’ relationships. In their family, there would never be a “heir and spare,” dare I say it. It would have to do with how significant each one is.

“The realization that maintaining the monarchy and the crown truly requires a team effort, with key roles involved.” As a result, we’re currently witnessing these very early seeds of what it means to encourage and support one another.”

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