King Charles’ heartbreaking message to the Queen: “My darling Mama – thank you for your love”

On Friday, King Charles III gave his first televised speech to the country.

The 73-year-old reiterated his “darling Mama’s” commitment to lifelong service while praising her warmth, humor, and capacity for optimism.

In addition, he declared that he had elevated his wife Catherine to the position of Princess of Wales, replacing William’s late mother, Diana, who had previously held the title.


William and Kate are the new Prince and Princess of Wales


As Harry and Meghan continue to establish their lives abroad, the father of two expressed his “love for Harry and Meghan.”

The King used a number of open displays of emotion throughout the speech, adding, “I count on the loving assistance of my darling wife, Camilla.”

When he wished, Charles signed off to his “darling Mama” with a heartfelt phrase from Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s epilogue: “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

On social media, royal supporters responded immediately to the historic address.


King Charles III paid tribute to his beloved wife, Camilla


“I’m crying once more as I listen to King Charles’ speech. His devotion to his mother is evident. May angelic flights lead you to your rest, “one gave praise.

Another echoed: “This tweet is a little overdue, but I just watched His Majesty King Charles III’s magnificent and moving speech. I want to express my sincere condolences and support to the Royals once more.”

A third responded, “I just watched this speech from last night. “Wow. What a touching, proud, and heartfelt tribute to his mother, given only a few days after her passing. He spoke and appeared exactly like a king, and I was moved to tears. Well done, King Charles.”

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The King remembered his “darling mama”


A fourth person wrote: “This was the most admirable, heartfelt, hopeful, and consoling speech a new monarch could deliver. extremely potent. No eye became dry from it. He would make a fantastic King Charles. His “darling mama” would be overjoyed with pride already.”

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