Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children look incredibly alike

Lilibet looks so like Archie in royal newborn moment

Archie and Lilibet, the adorable children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are maturing quickly; their son is picking up manners, while their daughter is currently walking. As infants, the two children resembled one another somewhat.

The couple’s Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, featured a collection of uncommon family photos, including images of both children as newborns. Just by observing the children’s expressions, it was clear the children were related.


Lilibet as a newborn


Lilibet was captured in a cute picture holding on to her mother’s chest while carrying a black sling, a grey hat, and a white outfit. She’s sleeping, but look at those gorgeous lips!

In a similar image, Meghan is pictured holding baby Archie as he is wrapped in a blanket with stars on it. The loving mother appeared to be dressed in black pajamas with a ponytail in her hair.

The Sussexes are involved parents, as evidenced by the touching scenes from their Netflix series where they bathed a young Archie and the duke fed him while he was sitting in a highchair.


Archie as a newborn


Lorren Khumalo, Archie’s nanny, who worked for the couple prior to their move to the United States, even made comments about the kind of parents the royals are.

“They were very involved parents. When he first woke up in the morning, his parents would first enter the room, where they would be with their infant and she would feed him. After that, I would take over, and we would typically go for a morning walk “She repeated in the program.


The couple have two children


Any formality vanished the moment she first met the new parents. According to Lorren, “All of a sudden, whatever I thought or felt, the formality just slid, and I felt so at ease.”

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While the family is unlikely to share a photo as they did with Lilibet’s first birthday, we hope to see the toddler again soon as their oldest, Archie, turns four this year.

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