Meghan and Harry’s public display of affection on Queen’s memorial service sparks reactions

A surprising controversy has arisen in response to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public display of affection while holding hands during a memorial service for the Queen on Wednesday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received praise for being brave enough to demonstrate their humanity by holding hands during the procession. One person responded on Twitter, saying, “Meghan & Harry have such a special & amazing bond that no one can ever take away from them,” according to Page Six.


Meghan and Harry held hands as they left Westminster Hall
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Another person commented that Meghan and Harry are in love and that they should never have to hide it.

The world’s most innocent gesture, however, was met with harsh criticism from many royal admirers who felt it was inappropriate for a celebration meant to honor the Queen.

One of these complaints said, “They’re in the procession.”

Is it unreasonable to expect them to follow their line of sight? Even the horse could maintain its position for at least 20 minutes while walking. but Meghan and Harry weren’t able to maintain the formation at least until they got to the door?”

A second angry Brit added: “I see Meghan still couldn’t manage the whole service without holding on to Harry.” “No class,” they both tweeted.


Prince Harry called Meghan, his ‘darling wife’
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Some people appeared to believe that Harry and Meghan’s holding hands during the service was against the law, which is obviously untrue.

Although there aren’t any official “rules” against PDA, we don’t often observe it among the royals because they are typically engaged in official business, according to royal expert Shannon Felton Spence, who spoke to Fox News.

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They are appearing in the most professional way possible. William and Catherine are husband and wife colleagues when we see them out.

Spence pointed out that Prince William and Kate Middleton have frequently been photographed holding hands in public, albeit usually at less formal occasions.


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It does occur, but usually in a more casual setting (such as when they are participating in a sport), she said.

Spence continued, “That’s why it’s so remarkable that Harry and Meghan have always been so openly affectionate with one another.

All in all, showing affection to your loved one should always be promoted and never criticized. We admire the Royal duo especially for the pure love they radiate – and we would love to see it more 🙂

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