The Duchess of Sussex has not yet confirmed her attendance

Meghan Markle could wear a tiara at King Charles’ coronation – details

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been invited to King Charles’ coronation on Saturday, May 6, but it is unknown at this time whether they will go.

In the most recent episode of HELLORight !’s Royal Podcast, Majesty Magazine’s Editor Joe Little hinted that coronets might be worn by members of the royal family if Harry and Meghan decide to attend the historic event, giving Meghan another chance to don a tiara.


Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother can be seen wearing coronets at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation
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Royal ladies who are qualified to don tiaras at the coronation will actually be donning coronets, a tiny crown made up of decorations fastened to a metal ring.

Coronets are similar to tiaras, but they differ in that they create a full halo on the head while a tiara only creates a crescent moon.

Joe went on to say that wearing a tiara (or coronet) necessitates royal ladies donning proper formal attire, usually a long dress.

Meghan will not be wearing a tiara for the first time at the coronation, despite having the legal right to do so. On her wedding day, the Duchess of Sussex wore the exquisite diamond bandeau tiara of Queen Mary.


Meghan Markle wore Queen Mary’s diamond tiara for her nuptials


The mesmerizing piece, which dates to 1932, is adorned with a floral-shaped detachable brooch that was given to the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, as a wedding gift by the County of Lincoln in 1893.

The bandeau portion of the tiara is made up of 11 intricate, glittering sections, including ovals and pave set with large and small diamonds. The centerpiece is surrounded by nine smaller diamonds.


Kate looked show-stopping in her tiara and Jenny Packham gown
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Elizabeth Holmes, a best-selling author and authority on royal attire, was also a guest on HELLORight !’s Royal Podcast. Will the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales be wearing tiaras? Which fashion house will Kate choose? And what color will she decide on for the special occasion?

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