King Charles's ceremony will take place on 6 May

Meghan Markle feels ‘excluded’ from coronation plans, sources claim

Sources claim that because Meghan Markle feels “excluded” from the King’s Coronation, she and Prince Harry might decide not to go.

According to The Spectator, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ‘weighing up’ whether or not to fly to the ceremony on May 6.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are both said to be ‘weighing up’ whether or not to fly over for the ceremony on May 6
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It comes after the couple’s friends claimed this week that they are “in limbo” and debating the “million different factors” influencing their choice.

Additionally, yesterday Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal authority, suggested that they might stay at home due to concerns about security and a “seismic drop” in popularity following the release of Harry’s memoir.

According to sources close to the Duke, Harry wants to be by his father’s side on “pretty much the most important day” and hopes to mend his strained relationship with the Royal Family.

According to insiders, the decision is “complicated” because the couple runs the risk of “being booed or labeled hypocrites” as well as being accused of “snubbing” the family by choosing not to attend.

The couple’s friends claim they won’t decide whether or not to go to the Coronation until a formal invitation is delivered to their California home.


The King’s Coronation is due to held in London on May 6
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They will then decide whether to attend the historic occasion together or if Harry, 38, will go alone. It’s also conceivable that neither shows up.

It is understood that Harry or Meghan’s, both 41, trip to the UK for the wedding would be “brief.”

Regarding their impending choice, a friend remarked, “They have no insight.” When they reach that bridge, they’ll cross it.

Meanwhile, defenders of Meghan claimed yesterday that she has been ‘upset and overwhelmed’ for the past few days over how she and Harry are portrayed in a South Park episode.

The episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” makes fun of the couple’s problems, and Meghan is insultingly introduced by another character as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim.”

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In last week’s brutal episode, the satirical series made fun of the couple’s demands for privacy while they were on a publicity tour for the prince’s autobiography “Waaagh”—a dig at Harry’s most recent memoir Spare.

‘Upset and overwhelmed,’ according to a source in California, is how Meghan described herself over the past few days. The Duchess of Sussex “is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all,” the source told The Spectator.


The South Park episode, titled ‘Worldwide Privacy Tour’ pokes fun at Harry and Meghan’s grievances while Meghan is introduced as a ‘sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim’
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A royal analyst had earlier claimed that day that Harry and Meghan’s attorneys were “casting an eye” over South Park.

The broadcast may have “legal ramifications,” according to the Sussexes’ attorneys, it has also been suggested.

The series is currently being closely monitored for any additional attacks, according to royal commentator Neil Sean, who spoke to Fox News on behalf of the pair.

According to sources close to the former Royals, this appears to have legal repercussions, as with so many other events involving Meghan and Harry.

Their legal team is reviewing the incident to determine what is wrong and what might be turned into something more nefarious.

The creators of South Park have not yet received any legal correspondence, Mr. Sean continued.

The “Prince and Princess of Canada,” a young royal couple who vociferously beg for privacy while drawing attention to themselves, were portrayed in last week’s episode.

The pink outfit Meghan wore for Trooping the Colour in 2018 is seen on the red-headed prince and his wife as they promote the prince’s book, Waaagh, whose cover is strikingly similar to Harry’s memoir Spare.

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Insiders claim Meghan has been left ‘upset and overwhelmed’ for the past few days at how she and Prince Harry are depicted in an episode of South Park
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The main character Stan refers to the Sussexes’ cartoon counterparts as the “dumb prince and his stupid wife,” and Kyle complains about the private jet parked outside their house. The episode is full of jabs at the Sussexes.

The episode begins with Kyle’s younger brother Ike, who was adopted from Canada and is distraught over the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II resembling Canadian monarch.

The rest of the royal family boos the Prince and Princess of Canada after they are spotted at a large state funeral, where they are accused of disparaging the Canadian monarchy.

The couple appears on breakfast television to demand their privacy in response to the backlash.

The prince waves a sign that reads, “We want privacy,” as he arrives on the set of Good Morning Canada to promote a book, while the princess waves a sign that says, “Stop looking at us.”

The host questions whether, despite detesting them, he has transformed into a journalist after covering the royal family for his new book, “Waaagh.”

The prince responds, “We just want to be normal people; all this attention is so difficult.”

The host challenges the couple, asking how sincere their desire for privacy is, and the royals leave the set.

After boarding their private aircraft, the couple launches a global “we want privacy” tour, complete with dancing rainbows and a catchy theme song.


Kate and Meghan at Trooping the Colour in 2018. Meghan’s pink dress and white hat combo is identical to that of the ‘Princess of Canada’ in the latest South Park episode
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They travel to France, India, and even a field of kangaroos while stopping in Australia, all the while chanting their pro-privacy slogans to amused locals.

They finally make their home in the peaceful community of South Park, Colorado.

“People would think we’re really serious about wanting to be normal,” if we moved here.

The royals, who arrive with a drum kit and demand privacy from neighbors, get into a fight with the locals.

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When Kyle awakens one morning, he discovers that the princess-themed magazines have been spread throughout the home.

They feature a cover that closely resembles The Cut magazine’s, which featured an interview with Meghan last summer on its cover.

The princess screams, “He victimized me!” when Kyle confronts the royals.

The prince immediately stands up for his wife.

He screams, “This is an outrage!” We’ll see how he handles my blue penis, I guess.

This seems to be a reference to a frostbite incident that is described in Harry’s autobiography, Spare.

The prince and princess seek assistance from a marketing firm with an offensive name to safeguard their privacy.


Across the street, the Prince and Princess of Canada can be seen peering through a window as Kyle takes in their handiwork
Photo: Comedy Central


The prince explains, “There’s this awful spy who lives across the street from us.”

According to the branding manager, the princess has a file on him that she made years ago.

He tells her, “I have your brand already: Sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim.”

The prince will be known as a “Royal prince, millionaire, globetrotter, and victim.”

The prince suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be a brand while still inside the agency.

The Canadian prince says, “Trying to make ourselves into a brand just turned us into products.”

‘We can just live a normal life now, no more magazines and Netflix shows,’

He gets up to go and makes his way to the door, but his wife is still inside the branding firm.

He exclaims, “Come on honey, we don’t need this place.” ‘Honey?’

Alone, the prince departs. When Kyle returns, his friends invite him to go outside and play. When the prince finally shows up, he asks if he can join in and then pulls out his drum set.

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