The Duchess of Sussex is not attending the event on 6 May

Meghan Markle included in King Charles’s coronation programme – royal fans react

It’s possible that Meghan Markle decided against traveling to London to witness King Charles’ coronation.

To the surprise of royal fans, she is included in the official souvenir program for the coronation.


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A family portrait taken in 2018 to commemorate the King’s 70th birthday can be found in the 84-page glossy magazine, which went on sale on Monday.

The photo, which is prominently displayed, shows Prince George, who is laughing, sitting on his grandfather’s lap next to Charles and Camilla, while Princess Charlotte is snuggled up next to the Queen Consort.

A beaming Prince and Princess of Wales, who is holding infant Prince Louis, are positioned behind the King. William’s brother Harry is seated next to him, and Meghan is standing by his side, also giggling.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from royal duties in 2020
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Royal fans disagreed over the decision to include the photograph.

Given that Meghan and Harry chose to renounce their royal titles and relocate to Montecito, many questioned why they were even mentioned. Followers of the couple’s Netflix series and Harry’s candid memoir also added to the discussion as they pointed out the enormous rift that has developed as a result within the family.

Others praised the King and pointed out that he is a proud father who did in fact invite both Harry and Meghan to the coronation. They praised the King for including both of his sons in the program.


King Charles with his two sons
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One Twitter user asked, “Last recent family photo to use?” “The lack of more recent family photos is not the King’s fault.”

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The plans Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have for the coronation were finally made public last week after much speculation.

The Duke of Sussex will travel alone across the Atlantic, according to Buckingham Palace, leaving his wife and kids behind at their Montecito home.


Meghan Markle will not attend the coronation
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The choice has sparked a wider conversation about Meghan and Harry and their future place in the royal family.

Because of the significance of the historic occasion and Meghan’s absence from the coronation, royal watchers have speculated that it is unlikely she will attend any upcoming royal gatherings.

“If Meghan has decided not to travel for the coronation, it seems unlikely she will travel to attend smaller/less significant royal events in the future,” one person said.


There are questions surrounding the couple’s future within the royal family
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There is no doubt that tension exists between Harry and Meghan as well as the rest of his family. It was revealed over the weekend that Queen Camilla was “hurt” by Harry’s disparaging remarks about her in his open-book memoir, Spare.

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