The mum-of-two is preparing for Christmas

Meghan Markle marks bittersweet day ahead of Christmas break

The season finale of the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast Archetypes, where she allowed her husband Prince Harry to alter the show’s format, has been a bittersweet day in her busy schedule.

The podcast synopsis for Meghan Markle’s final episode of her popular series, which debuted on Tuesday, read: “In the season finale of Archetypes, Meghan opens the conversation to see how men feel about archetypes.”


Meghan’s podcast has wrapped

Following the program, Meghan said: “This concludes our discussion of these 12 archetypal episodes, providing us with 12 chances for dialogue and time to reflect on the meaning of the words we use and the things we say. It has occasionally been amusing, eye-opening, and unsettling.”

Meghan can focus on getting ready for the impending holiday season now that recording for her first season of the show is complete.

Although the Sussexes’ Christmas plans have not been officially confirmed, it is widely believed that they will remain in Montecito to celebrate rather than returning to the UK.

It’s possible that Meghan and Harry will go tree shopping this weekend. In 2020, they bought their Christmas tree on December 3.


The Duchess took advice from her husband from the show


In addition to being the final episode of the season, this particular episode was noteworthy because her husband Prince Harry participated in the show.

She was urged by her royal partner to include men in the conversation she was having about female archetypes.

This show has only ever featured women’s voices up until now, with the exception of a brief cameo from my husband in the first episode, Meghan explained.

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She continued, “At my husband’s suggestion, we have to broaden the conversation and actively include men in that conversation and certainly in that effort, if we really want to shift how we think about gender and the limiting labels that we separate people into.

During her podcast episode, the Duchess had conversations with actors Judd Apatow, Andy Cohen, and comedian Trevor Noah about the stories of women around the world.

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