Prince Harry's wife released a divisive statement at the weekend

Meghan Markle reappears with sleek new look after shutting down coronation claims

In the wake of an article appearing in The Telegraph and her subsequent statement, Meghan Markle found herself back in the spotlight over the weekend.

But on Sunday, she ignored any ongoing conflict in favor of concentrating on her close friend Misan Harriman.


Meghan is close friends with Misan Harriman
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Meghan has known Misan for a very long time. The Duke and Duchess have asked him to capture some of their most intimate moments, such as when Meghan’s second pregnancy was announced and when their daughter Lilibet was photographed for the first time in a solo setting for the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


Misan also captured Princess Lili on her 1st birthday at Frogmore Cottage
Photo: Misan Harriman


In light of this, Meghan recorded a brief introduction for Misan before a recent Ted talk in which she discussed their unique relationship.

With her long hair worn down in a poker-straight style, Meghan, 41, made an elegant entrance on screen.


Meghan Markle spoke fondly of good friend Misan Harriman


“Our next speaker has an unrivaled eye for a good picture,” she said. I have personally witnessed his talent as he has recorded numerous significant milestones for my family and I. And I’m certain that many other people have had similar experiences.


Misan Harriman later shared a photo of the Duchess on his Instagram
Photo: Misan Harriman


His camera has captured everything, including historic moments, moments that went unnoticed but that we all desperately needed to see, and some of the most recognizable people on the planet.

However, this wasn’t always his course, and you might be surprised to learn what, rather than who, he attributes his success to. I’m overjoyed to welcome my close friend Misan Harriman to the TED stage.


The Duchess said Misan has ‘captured many meaningful milestones for me and my family’
Photo: Instagram


It comes after Meghan released a statement disputing assertions made in the weekend Daily Telegraph article.

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According to the article, Meghan skipped the coronation in part because she was “unsatisfied” with King Charles’ response to her concerns about unconscious bias in the Royal Family.


The video seemed to have been filmed at her and Prince Harry’s Montecito home


According to rumors, Meghan wrote the then-Prince of Wales after she and Prince Harry appeared on Oprah Winfrey in 2021.


Misan captured Meghan’s second pregnancy announcement via an iPad during the pandemic
Photo: Misan Harriman


The Duchess of Sussex’s spokesperson responded to the article by telling HELLO! that the royal is “going about her life in the present, not thinking about correspondence from two years ago related to conversations from four years ago.


Meghan Markle will not be attending King Charles’s coronation
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Any insinuation to the contrary is false and frankly absurd. We admonish tabloid media and various royal correspondents to put an end to the tiresome circus they are generating on their own.

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