Meghan Markle reveals why she won’t send Archie and Lilibet to a UK school

Before their son Archie turned one, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to America, and the Duchess has now explained why she would never want her children to attend a UK school.

There are many new details from Meghan in the interview she just gave to The Cut, including the rationale behind her desire for her children to attend an American school.


Meghan doesn’t want her children to go to a UK school


“Earlier in our conversation about her goals for the life she’s creating here, she’d remarked upon how, if Archie were in school in the UK, she’d never be able to do school pickup and drop-off without it being a royal photo call with a press pen of 40 people snapping pictures,” the interviewer, Allison P. Davis, wrote.

Meghan remarked: “I’m sorry, but I disagree with that. That doesn’t make me a privacy nut, though. That makes me a good parent who is capable of standing up for my child.”

The interviewer does mention that two mothers “double take” when Meghan enters the school grounds, but there is undoubtedly less of a commotion than there would be in a UK school where Meghan is so well known.


The Sussexes have two children together


Archie is only in pre-school, but the interview also revealed that he is now prepared to attend full days and immerse himself in more education.

Since she just turned one, his sister Lilibet isn’t quite old enough for school yet, but it appears Meghan has her heart set on educating them in the US rather than the UK.

The Duchess attended the catholic-run, independent girls’ school Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. Meghan continued her education and earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre and international studies from Northwestern University School of Communications after graduating in 1999.

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While this was going on, Harry attended Wetherby School, Ludgrove School, and Eton College in London. Instead of attending college, he decided to spend ten months at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst completing the requirements for officer commissioning.

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