Experts have shed light on the significance and value of these three pieces

Meghan Markle’s $262K worth of sentimental rings she wore in Canada unveiled

During a recent trip to British Columbia, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle experienced the breathtaking natural scenery and diverse cultural offerings of the area.

The couple enjoyed both adventure and peace, from the lush stretches of Vancouver Island to the charming coastal villages; this is evidence of their admiration for the beauty of nature and regional customs.


Meghan wore three sentimental rings during her trip to Canada
Photo: © Karwai Tang

Meghan’s engagement ring, which has been missing from many of her recent appearances, attracted attention once more during their explorations.

Meghan wore two more rings that were extremely sentimental in addition to this treasured symbol of their commitment, which aroused interest and admiration.

The meaning and worth of these three pieces of jewelry, which each represent significant events and intimate tales from the couple’s past, have been clarified by experts from UK retailer Steven Stone.

Eternity Ring – Value: $100,000


Meghan’s three rings can be seen here
Photo: © Karwai Tang

Since being first spotted at the 2019 Trooping the Colour, Meghan’s eternity ring has piqued people’s interest.

This ring, a gift from Prince Harry to honor their first wedding anniversary, is more than just an accessory.

With conflict-free diamonds and the birthstones of Meghan, Archie, and Harry—olive green peridot, green emerald, and blue sapphire, respectively—subtly set on its underside, it celebrates their family in a way that is truly unique.

These stones are more than just ornamental; they have deep symbolic meaning. Sapphires stand for protection, peridots for strength, and emeralds for rebirth and love.

Engagement Ring – Estimated Value: $150,000


Meghan’s engagement band
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The story of the engagement ring, which Prince Harry proposed with in 2017, is rich in historical and sentimental significance.

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Meghan later refined it to include a band adorned with diamonds, replacing the original yellow gold band. Harry created the ring himself, setting a cushion-cut diamond from Botswana, a nation the couple holds dear and is renowned for its morally-responsible diamond mining methods, in the center of the band.

Its sentimental and monetary value are further enhanced by the two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection that flank the centerpiece, a 3-carat stone of exceptional quality.

Wedding Band – Estimated Value: $12,700

Harry gave Meghan a Welsh gold wedding band, a gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II and a royal custom started by the Queen Mother in 1923. This band, which was created by the same jeweler who created Meghan’s engagement ring, Cleave & Company, represents the couple’s dedication to one another as well as the continuation of royal traditions.

With its peridot, emerald, and sapphire stones—which stand for Meghan, Harry, and Archie’s birthstones—Meghan’s diamond eternity ring, which Prince Harry gave her to commemorate their first wedding anniversary, radiates glamour, according to Maxwell Stone.

Prince Harry made a treasured decision by including their family’s birthstones because of the sentimental meaning behind it. Its exquisite design and sentimental value make it worth approximately £80,000, the speaker estimates.


Meghan with her wedding and engagement band
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“With a magnificent three-stone engagement ring set with diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan in 2017.” Later, Meghan changed the ring by adding a delicate diamond pave band in place of the yellow gold band.

The couple holds a special place in Botswana for their cushion-cut diamond, which is the focal point of the ring custom-designed by Prince Harry. I would value the ring at £120,000 given the exceptional quality of the 3–4 carat center stone, which has amazing color and clarity.

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Meghan’s £10,000 wedding band was crafted from Welsh gold, which was a customary choice for royal weddings and represented purity and a long marriage. The band was gifted to Meghan by the late Queen Elizabeth II. The combined value of the three sentimental rings is £210,000.

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