The Duchess of Sussex couldn't believe her eyes inside of Prince William and Princess Kate's home

Meghan Markle’s astonished reaction to Prince William and Princess Kate’s way of living

They fell in love with their family mansion in Montecito the moment they laid eyes on it, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share it. Despite the size of their home and its abundance of opulent amenities, you might be surprised by the Duchess of Sussex’s initial impression of life in the palace.

Meghan couldn’t believe her eyes when she recounts a visit they made to William and Catherine’s London home in Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare.


The Waleses have a home inside the palace

“Willy and Kate invited us over for tea. To clear the air. June 2018. We walked over one late afternoon. I saw Meg’s eyes widen as we entered their front door, walked past their front sitting room, down their hallway, into their study. ‘Wow,’ Meg said several times. The wallpaper, the crown molding, the walnut bookshelves lined with color-coordinated volumes, the priceless art. Gorgeous. Like a museum.

William and Kate have a lavish home
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“And we both told them so. We complimented them lavishly on their renovation, though we also thought sheepishly of our IKEA lamps, our discount sofa recently bought on sale, with Meg’s credit card, from”


Princess Kate has admitted she’s a fan of IKEA
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Although the word “apartment” may give the place a small impression, it is actually quite large and has room for live-in staff, whom they used to hire when residing there full-time. Although the Princess previously revealed to Marcus Engman, IKEA’s head of design, that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte had IKEA furniture in their rooms, the Waleses have acknowledged that they are also fans of the retailer.


The Sussexes have expensive art on the walls


What are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interiors like?

From their basic interiors, Harry and Meghan seem to have come a long way, and now they have adorned their lovely home with exquisite furnishings.

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Among the significant works of art in their house is a black-and-white print in their office that depicts an image of a bear cuddling a California sign with the words “I Love You California” printed underneath. In addition, there are three nest-themed works of art hanging on the wall, which might represent their home as the ideal “nest” for their family.


One of the pieces of art the couple have at their US property


The grand piano in their lounge is a luxurious addition, but in fact Tyler Perry gave it to them as a gift.


The couple’s home is beautifully curated

Before meeting her prince, Meghan used many interior design techniques in her previous properties, which she continues to use in her family home. The Duchess enjoys using candles and books on display to create a cozy atmosphere.


Where Meghan used to live with her former husband

After her parents divorced, Meghan used to divide her time between their apartments. Other residences the royal has lived in include a Toronto home when she was filming the hit television series Suits and a stunning Los Angeles home with her ex-husband Trevor Engelson.

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