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Meghan Markle’s friend Tyler Perry reveals Duchess is happy ‘now’ in rare public message

In a special belated birthday message for the Duchess, who turned 41 on Thursday, Tyler Perry, a close friend of Meghan Markle, said he is glad she is happy “now.”

While on a trip to South Africa in 2019, the actor and director posted the touching words on his Instagram account along with a lovely image of Meghan. The photograph shows the Duchess kissing a young girl’s hand while squatting down.


Meghan Markle’s friend Tyler Perry reveals Duchess is happy ‘now’


Read Tyler’s message: “Over the past few years, I’ve watched your life unfold right in front of me. I have seen you go through things that would have broken many people. Seeing how content you, your husband, and your children are right now makes me feel incredibly proud. I’m happy to wish Princess Meghan a happy birthday.”

Tyler and Meghan are close friends, and when they moved from Canada to Los Angeles to look for a permanent residence, they stayed in Tyler’s $15 million mansion.

In their candid interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Meghan revealed that Tyler had also offered his “security” while they were there after their UK taxpayer-funded protection was removed in accordance with their decision to step down as senior royals. Tyler had also offered Tyler’s “security” while they were there.


Tyler shared the update on Instagram


Tyler’s house was therefore more desirable than other homes in the US that didn’t provide the same amount of breathing space.

Prior to relocating, Meghan and Harry were staying in British Columbia, Canada, under the institution’s protection.

With more than 24,500 square feet, Tyler’s magnificent Beverly Ridge Estate home in Los Angeles was unquestionably fit for a king.

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The pair were interviewed by Oprah in 2021


Tyler uploaded a video of himself in one of the living rooms in 2016 and shared it. It has high ceilings, a beige color scheme, two sizable leather sofas, and a number of complementary side lamps. Large marble plinths and arches pointing to various parts of the house are present, along with wooden floors covered in patterned rugs. The video concludes with a view of the corridor’s alcove ceiling.

Stevie Wonder performed at Tyler’s birthday celebration in 2014 on a sizable black grand piano that is also located in the living room.

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