The Duchess is a talented lady!

Meghan Markle’s impressive secret skill revealed

Meghan Markle is a woman with many skills.

The Duchess of Sussex, who wed Prince Harry in 2018, has a variety of skills, including acting, calligraphy, public speaking, and cooking, just like her young son Archie.

However, did you also know that she is trilingual?


Harry and Meghan at the boarding school in Morroco
Photo: Tim P. Whitby


Meghan first demonstrated her language prowess while traveling to Morocco with Prince Harry in 2019.

She was evidently at ease conversing with students in French, one of the primary languages of the Islamic kingdom along with Arabic and Berber, during a visit to a girls’ boarding school.

What is it that you want to be when you leave school, the royal questioned students he met at the school. (When you graduate from college, what do you want to do? and “You want to go to the university?” (Do you want to attend college?


Meghan spoke French to the pupils
Photo: Tim P. Whitby


Prince Harry, on the other hand, seemed a little less certain. As we noted at the time, he asked students, “Do you speak English? ” rather than attempting to “parle français.” I’m not very fluent in French.

Meghan is also a native Spanish speaker. She learned the language while residing abroad, particularly in Madrid in 2002, where she attended Northwest University, and Buenos Aires, where she worked at the US Embassy.

Even though it appears that the couple has now RSVP’d, there has been ongoing speculation about Harry and Meghan’s attendance at King Charles’s coronation next month.

Harry has expressed worries in the past about his family back in Britain. Archie and Lilibet, who reside in the US, are “unable to return to his home,” according to a legal representative, despite the fact that the father has expressed a desire to bring them over for a visit.

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There is speculation over Harry and Meghan’s attendance
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Last week, he did show up unexpectedly in London to attend a court hearing, which sparked more discussion about what that might mean for the coronation.

Royal watchers believe that either Prince Harry or his wife Meghan will accompany him when he returns in May. But it seems less likely that their kids will show up given his earlier remarks.

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