The Duchess of Sussex hasn't always been so confident

Meghan Markle’s insecurity that Prince Harry adores

Meghan Markle’s decision to wear sheer makeup on her wedding day set off a major wedding beauty trend, with brides favoring a dewy appearance over a fully-made-up complexion.

In lieu of concealing her freckles with foundation on her wedding day, Meghan allowed them to stand out, and the world’s royal watchers weren’t the only ones who admired her unprocessed appearance.


Prince Harry always supports his wife
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In a passage from Spare, Prince Harry admitted that, despite Meghan’s insecurities, he adores her freckles.

Prince Harry described how Meghan video called him after removing all of her makeup the night of their first date.


Meghan Markle is a natural beauty
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He began by writing, “She’d washed her face,” then continued, “I said, ‘God, I love your freckles.'”

Harry explains Meghan’s unexpected response to his compliment: “She took a quick breath. She claimed that every time she was photographed, her freckles were removed using airbrushing.


Meghan Markle lets her freckles shine through
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Meghan’s confidence in removing her makeup around her new partner was undoubtedly boosted when Harry continued to call that “insane” and praised her freckles.

In his autobiography, Prince Harry talks a lot about how Meghan is low maintenance, which is something he didn’t anticipate from a Hollywood actress. He shared his preconceived notions about his future wife as he recalled their first trip together to Botswana.


Meghan Markle’s freckles were on show on her wedding day
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She started by opening her small bag because she needed something. It’s coming, I thought. The dozen pairs of shoes, the hair dryer, the makeup bag, and the fluffy duvet. Shamefully, I was assuming that an American actress must be a diva.


Prince Harry loves Meghan Markle’s freckles
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“To my surprise and delight, that suitcase contained only the bare necessities. snacks, shorts, and torn jeans. And a mat for yoga,” he added.

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Meghan Markle uses foundation which shows her complexion
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It’s not surprising that Meghan brought a yoga mat on her trip given her commitment to the discipline. In 2016, she told Best Health Magazine, “Yoga is my thing. I started practicing mommy-and-me yoga with my mother when I was seven years old because she is a yoga instructor.The Duchess of Sussex obviously appreciates her mother for introducing her to the practice because, in honor of her 60th birthday that same year, she gave her mother a trip to a yoga retreat.


Meghan Markle was insecure about her freckles
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“Meg took Doria on a yoga retreat in Goa—a belated celebration of Doria’s sixty-first birthday,” the Duke of Sussex wrote in Spare, revealing a secret about his wife’s trip.


Meghan Markle is surprisingly low maintenance
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Harry didn’t provide any additional information about the vacation, but it’s likely that Meghan and Doria participated in daily yoga sessions, sound baths, and meditations at the Goan retreat. All of these activities were intended to help guests achieve a state of zen while taking in the stunning surroundings.

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