The Duchess of Sussex sat down with Serena Williams

Meghan recalled a ‘SCARY INCIDENT’ involving son Archie on her first podcast

Tuesday saw the debut of the first episode of Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast on Spotify, which generated significant media attention.

Serena Williams and the Duchess of Sussex discussed the first chapter, titled The Misconception of Ambition.

The two women talked about their pregnancies, becoming mothers, and the stereotypes that women encounter. They also discussed how it has affected their own lives and the unfair judgments women face when they are called “ambitious.”


Meghan released the first episode in her podcast series on Tuesday


Fans had a strong reaction to the episode, with many praising Meghan for her openness and wisdom.

One person commented, “I really felt that when Meghan said as young girls we are usually so fearless and then we grow more insecure as we grow up because we get aware of the archetypes thrown at us.

“I’m loving the laid-back, articulate, and perceptive episode of Archetypes with Meghan and Serena Williams,” said a second. Good work!

“Love this conversation with Meghan Markle and @serenawilliams,” wrote a third. Absolutely, and they should be commended for it.

Several parts of the podcast stood out, not the least of which was Meghan’s account of the terrifying time her son Archie’s nursery caught fire.


Harry and Meghan pictured on their South African tour


When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went on their royal tour to South Africa, their son was only “four and a half months old.” He was getting ready to lay down for his nap when we dropped him off at the housing unit where we were staying, she said, adding that they left right away for their first official engagement.

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The news that there had been a fire at the house was announced to the couple as they got into their car after their outing. The nursery has experienced a fire.

Our wonderful nanny Lauren was in floods of tears, Meghan continued. She simply said, “Hey, let me go get a snack from downstairs,” as she was about to put Archie down for his nap.


The couple visited South Africa in 2019


Archie was not present when the fire began because Lauren took him with her.

“The heater in the nursery caught fire in the time it took her to go downstairs. There was no smoke detector; the fire was put out when someone entered after smelling smoke down the hallway. He was supposed to be resting there.

Everyone is sobbing and feeling shaken. What then were we required to do? Do another official engagement while you’re out. I then remarked, “This is absurd; why don’t you just explain what happened?”

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