Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has been in touch with a Uvalde victim's family (Image: Getty)

Meghan REFUSES to give in to criticism as she ploughs ahead with cause close to her heart

MEGHAN MARKLE, DUCHESS OF SUSSEX, has refused to bow down to criticism by continuing to support the bereaved families of the Uvalde school shooting.

After a man with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle murdered 19 schoolchildren and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in May, Meghan, 40, traveled to the Texas town. A temporary memorial outside the Uvalde County Courthouse received a bouquet of white roses tied with a purple ribbon from the Duchess.

According to her spokesperson, Meghan made the trip in her personal capacity as a mother to express her condolences and support to a community going through unfathomable grief.

Meghan has maintained contact with the victim’s sister, Irma Garcia, since the visit. Irma Garcia was one of the murdered teachers.


Meghan places flowers as she mourns at a makeshift memorial outside Uvalde County Courthouse (Image: Getty)

The nephew of Ms. Garcia posted on Twitter that the Duchess had called to check on his mother.

The Duchess is so sweet and lovely; she really went out of her way to check on the family, and it means so much, John Martinez wrote on Twitter after his mother just got off the phone with Meghan Markle.

Meghan also wrote a letter to Moms Demand Action volunteers, a grassroots initiative fighting against gun violence.

“[Moms Demand] volunteers and staff have been working around the clock for weeks, so it was moving to receive such a supportive note – and snacks! – from the Duchess of Sussex,” said founder Shannon Watts in a tweet sharing a copy of the letter.


Meghan pays her respects at the makeshift memorial (Image: Getty)


The message said: “Thank you so much for your efforts in ensuring the safety of our children, families, and communities, to each of you and your fearless leader, Shannon.

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“I hope you feel energized knowing that the work you are doing is essential and greatly valued, even though you may feel exhausted from your endless hours of dedication to this cause.

Thank you so much from a mother and a friend!”

Meghan sent bagels, coffee, cookies, doughnuts, and coffee, Ms. Watts revealed.

The Duchess is receiving praise even as reports claim that the public is losing interest in Meghan.

Only 45% of 1,000 US adults surveyed by YouGov between May 18 and May 21 now view the Duchess as “favourable or somewhat favourable.”


Harry and Meghan at a service to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder (Image: Getty)


Nile Gardiner, a Royal Family fanatic and foreign policy expert based in Washington, said to “Over the course of the year, Meghan and Harry’s popularity in the US has significantly decreased, and it will continue to do so.

“Meghan’s reputation is deteriorating in both the US and the UK.

“In the US, both Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge enjoy tremendous admiration.

“Meghan’s reputation is seriously deteriorating in the US.”

Gardiner continued: “Given how frequently she criticizes the monarchy, many Americans are perplexed as to why she is still the Duchess of Sussex. There is no justification for her continuing to hold a royal title.”

In response to Mr. Martinez’s revelation, fans showered the Duchess with praise.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attends the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial at The Cenotaph (Image: Getty)


In response to his tweet, Twitter user tracer468 wrote: “What a lovely, considerate, and kind thing to do. Our Duchess is accustomed to offering consolation and sharing encouraging words with those who are suffering.”

“Makes me cry because the duchess’ compassion reminds me so much of Harry’s mother Princess Diana,” commented fellow Twitter user RC29203298.

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Tweeted LuckyRevin: “Meghan is, in fact, the kindness princess. always generous and kind-hearted.”

Shar16Fran also added: “What a lovely person Meghan has been and still is. I’m happy she keeps in touch with your family during this trying time.”

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