The Duchess of Sussex was pictured with her patriotic son in their Netflix docuseries

Prince Archie is so American in rare photo with Meghan Markle

We continue to come across fresh images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s young family a year after the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan premiered.

After transitioning from senior royal status and departing the UK in 2020, the couple now reside in a stunning $21 million mansion in Montecito, California, alongside Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.


Archie was pictured sweetly waving an American flag in the couple’s Netflix docuseries
Photo: © Netflix

It becomes clear throughout the documentary series that young Archie had been taking in his environment and modeling himself after his American mother.

Whatever British accent he had inherited from his father had given way to an American twang, and in a rare photo with Meghan, he was seen looking very patriotic.

The devoted mother was sitting in the back of the car, holding her little boy in her lap and putting her hand on his curly hair before giving him a kiss. Archie was preoccupied with a tiny American flag he had been given, actively waving and watching it move, while Meghan was concentrating on spoiling her son.

Prince Archie’s birth


Meghan described baby Archie as “calm”
Photo: © Getty Images


Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, Meghan and Harry’s firstborn child, was born in London on May 6, 2019.

Harry revealed in a hilarious way that he had used up his wife’s laughter reserves during her labor. In his book Spare, he wrote: “Meg laughed and rolled her eyes as she bounced on a huge purple ball, which is a tried-and-true method of encouraging nature.” I continued to take hits, and eventually I was also bouncing.”

He was unaware of how much he had taken, though. “A nurse arrived as Meg’s contractions got stronger and faster and attempted to give her laughing gas.

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“Not a single one remained. The nurse glanced at the tank and me, and I could see the realization slowly sinking in: “Oh my goodness, the husband has it all.”


Harry made a rare comment about Meghan’s labour with their eldest child in Spare
Photo: © Netflix


“‘Sorry,’ I said meekly,” he recalled, adding that Meghan had received a new canister. After giving birth to their son, she eventually received an epidural and left Portland Hospital for the seclusion of Frogmore within two hours of his birth.

Soon after his birth, the Duchess of Sussex said of their son that he had the “sweetest temperament” and was “calm”. They’ve remained very private about each other ever since, but they have occasionally spoken about his early years.


The docuseries Harry & Meghan shared lots of new family photos of the couple’s young son Prince Archie
Photo: © Netflix

Harry’s parenting confessions

Harry has gushed about being able to spend more time with his family away from the spotlight since coming to the US.

“Taking him on bike rides and strapping him into his tiny baby seat is the highlight for me because it’s something I was never able to do when I was younger. ‘Palm tree?’ ‘House?’ he asks as I catch a glimpse of him from behind.

In addition, they have lots of room to enjoy the outdoors in the seclusion of their own residence, the Chateau of Riven Rock. Images from previous real estate listings featured a swimming pool, two slides, a tightrope, a helter-skelter, two different kinds of climbing walls, and Harry even built a water slide in the backyard!


The Duke of Sussex enjoys being able to spend time with his family in private
Photo: © Netflix


In his documentary series The Me You Can’t See, the royal also stated: “I know my mother would be very proud of me. I am leading the life that she desired for herself and the life she desired for us to have.”

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In an interview with Good Morning America, the devoted father described his two children as growing up “very fast” and complimented Lilibet and Archie for having “incredible senses of humor.”

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