Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ cute nickname for Prince Charles revealed

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the three children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have the cutest nickname for their grandfather Prince Charles.

Because of his title as Prince of Wales, the young royals refer to their grandfather as “Grampa Wales.” We know the kids get to spend a lot of time with their adored grandfather because they live close to one another in central London.


Charles is a doting grandfather


Prince Charles demonstrated what a loving grandfather he is while entertaining Prince Louis on his lap during one of his first significant public appearances at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant in June.

Duchess Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, is a stepgrandmother to Charles’ grandchildren as well as having her own grandchildren.

The royal said, “Well, what’s so lovely about being a grandmother, they teach you things and hopefully they learn a few things from us,” when discussing the significant role during a visit to Cornwall.

George, Charlotte, and Louis use the titles of their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as their surnames, just as Prince Charles uses his title as his name. They are known to everyone at school as George Cambridge, Charlotte Cambridge, and Louis Cambridge because all three of the siblings share the surname Cambridge.


The three children use the surname Cambridge


They probably won’t remain Cambridges for ever, though, as when Prince Charles succeeds to the throne, he will transfer the title of Prince of Wales to Prince William, who will in turn give the three children the surname Wales one day.

William and Harry used the surname “Wales” throughout their childhood, including in school, at university, and while serving in the military. Harry held the title of Captain Wales, while William was known as Lieutenant Wales.

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Prince Louis shared a special moment with his grandfather, Prince Charles


In addition, the children refer to their father William as “Pops” rather than “dad,” according to a People magazine report. How cute!

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