Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have new surnames following King Charles’ first speech

This week, on the same day that their great-grandmother the Queen sadly passed away, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis enrolled at Lambrook School.

As new titles are passed on, it is now anticipated that the children will go through a change. Instead of being referred to as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Kate will now be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales, and their children will also bear this title.


The change comes as they start a new school


Because they don’t use last names, members of the royal family only use their titles on official documents like school registration forms.

The royal children’s previous names in school were George Cambridge, Charlotte Cambridge, and Louis Cambridge; they will now be known as Wales.

Along with his wife Camilla being referred to as the Queen Consort, Charles is now known as King Charles III.


The children will be going by a different name


Prince Edward, Charles’ younger brother, is rumored to be the next in line to take on their father’s title as Duke of Edinburgh.

Whether the young children will attend their great-funeral grandmother’s is one question that has come up since Her Majesty’s passing.

The United Kingdom was under strict “phase two” coronavirus restrictions at the time, so only 30 people were allowed to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, so they were not there.


The children will be going by a different name


Many of the Duke’s great-grandchildren would have likely attended the funeral if there had been no restrictions, just as they did for his memorial service on March 29 at Westminster Abbey.

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Although there is no official rule prohibiting children from attending a Sovereign’s funeral, given the emotional significance of the historical day, the youngest royals may be allowed to stay at home.

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