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Prince George’s special birthday treat revealed

The Queen thanked the band of the Irish Guards for a special celebration they put on for Prince George in honor of his ninth birthday in a heartfelt message posted on her official Twitter account.

The social media team for the Queen posted a touching video and a sweet message to Twitter, saying: “Thank you @IrishGuardsBand for playing Happy Birthday to mark Prince George’s birthday today!”


Irish Guards play ‘Happy Birthday’ for Prince George at Buckingham Palace


The Duke of Cambridge is the Colonel of the @irish guards, the tweet concluded.

In the video, a magnificent group of trumpeters could be seen playing the happy birthday song while arranged in a semicircle. The Irish Guards put on a memorable performance in front of the Queen’s London residence at Buckingham Palace while donning their full-dress uniform and busby hats.

Royal followers were in a frenzy in the comments, with one writing: “How beautiful! One person wrote, “Happy Birthday to HRH Prince George! “, and another said, “Love this SO MUCH! Greetings on Prince George’s ninth birthday!”


Duchess Kate released a stunning birthday portrait of Prince George


The heartfelt tribute inspired two more fans to comment: “What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, I’m sure Prince George loved it,” and “How cool to have the @IrishGuardsBand play at your birthday!” A fourth admirer also expressed her admiration for the touching tribute.

Prince George’s mother, Kate, recently unveiled a stunning new birthday portrait of the young royal. This was followed by the Queen’s musically themed gift. The Duchess of Cambridge shared a candid photo of her eldest beaming at the beach to commemorate the momentous occasion. George, who was on vacation with his family in the summer, was seen sporting a light blue polo T-shirt and seemed to be having a good time.

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Prince George is the third in line to the throne


Many keen viewers couldn’t help but notice Prince George’s uncanny resemblance to the Duke of Cambridge, the prince’s father. What a beautiful smile, just like his father’s, happy birthday! One person wrote, and another added: “He resembles Prince William more and more every day. I wish Prince George a very happy birthday and a wonderful day.”

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