The Duke of Sussex opened up while in Canada with the Duchess

Prince Harry addresses King Charles’ cancer diagnosis – ‘I love my family’ in new TV interview

For the first time, Prince Harry discussed his father King Charles’ cancer diagnosis in public during an interview that will air in its entirety on Good Morning America this Friday.

As he and Meghan Markle started the 100-day countdown to the Invictus Games in Whistler and Vancouver, the Duke of Sussex opened up to Will Reeves while they were in Canada.

In an interview with the late Superman actor Christopher Reeves’ son, who has been seen escorting a film crew alongside the royal couple during their visit, Harry expressed his happiness at having been able to get back together with his father so soon.


Harry opened up in an interview while in Canada
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Is King Charles’ cancer diagnosis reunifying the royal family?

He declared, “Look, I love my family.” “The fact that I was able to get on a plane and go and see him and spend any time with him I’m grateful for that.”

Harry refrained from talking about the things said during his brief reunion with his father, which took place hours after it became public that he was battling cancer. However, when further questioned about the King’s health and whether the diagnosis could have a “reunifying effect” despite their rivalry, Harry seemed upbeat.

He said to Will, “I’m sure, yeah. I witness the strength of the family unit uniting on a daily basis in all of these families. I believe that all illnesses and diseases unite families.”

Harry appeared at ease during the interview and was prepared to respond to some challenging questions.


Charles’ relationships with his sons have gone through peaks and troughs
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How did Harry find out about King Charles’ cancer?

Harry said, “I spoke to him,” about how he learned of his father’s illness. I flew to see him as soon as I could after jumping on a plane.”

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Will then asked Harry how he felt about King Charles’s health, to which Harry gave a brief response. “That stays between me and him,” he says, adding that he plans to travel to the UK more often in the upcoming months.

Does Prince Harry want American Citizenship?

He responded, “I have my own family as we all do,” when asked how he was handling the news coming from so far away. “My life and my family are as they are. I’ll be stopping in the UK on other trips I have planned, and I’ll try to spend as much time as possible with my family.”


Harry said his kids are doing great
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Harry acknowledged that he loves living in America and that he has even thought about applying to be a citizen.

It’s incredible. I love every day,” he declared, adding that he wasn’t quite feeling American. Having said that, he would be happy to settle down there more permanently.

In response to the question, “I have considered it, yeah,” he stated regarding citizenship. “I’m not sure. The idea of becoming an American citizen has occurred to me. However, it’s not something I consider to be very important at this time.”

Archie and Lilibet’s personalities


Harry and Meghan are on a three-day visit to Canada
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How are his children doing, by the way? “You can’t ask me that. It’s top secret, he said in jest. “The children are progressing well. Like all children, they are growing up. Like most kids, they both have a great sense of humour, which they use to keep us grounded and make us laugh every day. Being a father makes me very happy.”

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The couple recently underwent a significant rebranding, launching as a “one-stop shop” for all of their endeavours, at the same time as the new interview.

Harry and Meghan have firmly stated that they are not capitalising on their royal connection, despite some critics’ claims to the contrary.

The network released a teaser trailer on social media ahead of the ABC interview, hinting at what viewers could expect.

“Tomorrow morning, a GMA exclusive, Prince Harry, the all-new interview on his life today with Meghan,” said the voiceover. “The King’s son’s well-being and his passion for helping injured warriors. On Good Morning America tomorrow.”

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