The incident occurred after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Women of Vision Awards

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle involved in ‘near catastrophic car chase’ in New York

A “near catastrophic car chase” involving paparazzi photographers involved the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Doria Ragland, and Meghan’s mother, the couple’s spokesperson confirmed.

After Meghan was given a Woman of Vision award at the Ms. Foundation for Women’s annual gala on Tuesday night, the incident happened.


Meghan stunned in a gold dress
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The spokesperson said in a statement: “Last night, a gang of highly aggressive paparazzi engaged The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ms. Ragland in a close-to-catastrophic car chase.

“During the course of this relentless pursuit, which lasted more than two hours, there were numerous close calls involving other motorists, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers.

“While having a certain level of public interest comes with being a public figure, it should never come at the expense of anyone’s safety.”

The incident was covered in a statement issued by the New York Police Department on Wednesday afternoon. “On May 16 evening, the NYPD helped the private security team guarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” it read.


Meghan was joined by her husband Harry at the awards ceremony
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“There were a lot of photographers, which made transportation difficult. There were no collisions, summonses, injuries, or arrests in the area when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived.

It is understood that Harry and Meghan think the pursuit, which involved six blacked-out vehicles and unidentified drivers endangering the convoy and everyone nearby, might have been fatal.

When attending public events, the couple is used to receiving increased attention; in this instance, they entered and exited the venue in full view of the public, allowing photographers to take pictures.


It was the couple’s most high-profile appearance to date this year
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The family did not want to jeopardize their friend’s home’s security because they were staying at a private residence.

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There is video from security as well as other evidence to support the claims that the individuals involved were involved in multiple traffic violations, including driving on the pavement and through red lights, reversing down a one-way street, illegally blocking a moving vehicle, and driving while taking pictures and using their phone.

Following Prince Harry’s attendance at King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation in London earlier this month, it was the couple’s first outing at the glam event.

With Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 1, the couple’s children, Meghan stayed in Montecito.


Meghan’s mother Doria was also in attendance


After his father was crowned, Harry hurried back to California to be there for Archie’s fourth birthday, which was also on May 6.

“Because of this foundation, so many of our youth have been instilled with self-worth and limitless possibility no matter their race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, or age,” Meghan, who dazzled in a gold dress by Johanna Ortiz, said in a speech at the awards ceremony. Your group’s efforts to create a society where each person is valued for who they are are truly inspiring.


Markus Anderson, Genevieve Hillis and Jill Smoller seen with Meghan Markle
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“Her core belief that representation matters, and her connection to community through the lens of learning, healing, and inspiring have helped define her as a cultural catalyst for positive change,” said Teresa C. Younger, president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation, in her speech introducing Meghan.

We are overjoyed to honor Meghan tonight for her fortitude, tenacity, passion, and strength because these qualities are essential to creating a better world for our mothers and grandmothers, our kids, their kids, and ourselves.

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