The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been raising their young family in California since 2020, however former royal butler Grant Harrold has said a return to the UK is a possibility.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tipped for possible ‘UK move’ claims former butler

According to former royal butler Grant Harrold, who formerly served King Charles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been tipped for a “possible” move back to the UK. Despite their ongoing issues with the Royal Family, Mr. Harrold thinks that the Duke could still purchase a home in his native country if he wanted to travel there more frequently.

Harry and Meghan have only visited the UK a few times since ceasing to be working royals; most recently, they both attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in September of last year.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may decide to come back to the UK
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Harry traveled alone for his father’s coronation earlier this month, but he was only in the country for about 24 hours before taking a flight home to celebrate Prince Archie’s fourth birthday with his family.

According to Grant Harrold, who served as Charles’ butler from 2004 to 2011 while he was still the Prince of Wales, it is still possible for the Sussexes to move back to the UK.

It’s always possible that one day he might want to return home, and it’s possible that he might buy [a property] here if he wanted to come over [more] and Meghan didn’t want to come over, he told the New York Post.

“Meghan doesn’t really have any family here as such; all of her family is in the United States, and Harry has determined he wants to make those parts of the world his home.”


The couple last returned to the UK publicly together for the Queen’s funeral
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The Duke of Sussex “always going to have an association with the UK” and will never “totally want to cut that off,” said Mr. Harrold, a broadcaster and current etiquette expert.

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He continued, “He’ll always want to keep his fingers in that pie, so to speak,” speaking on behalf of Oddspedia.

“He’ll want to have that connection to Britain just in case he decides to return to the country in the future, and I don’t think Harry will want to sever ties,” said the source.

“It’s very possible they could return to the UK, but for the time being they seem content in the States and that’s where they want to be,” the source said.

Meghan’s life in the US seems to be going well; this week’s Gracie Awards recognized her podcast Archetypes with a prize.


Harry made a brief visit to the UK for the King’s Coronation
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Despite not being present at the ceremony to accept the award in person, she was given the Best Podcast Host award.

Launched in August of last year, the 12-episode podcast series aims to “dissect, explore, and subvert the labels that try and hold women back.”

The Duchess was joined by a different guest in each episode as each episode explored a different “archetype,” though uploads were halted in September to observe the period of official mourning following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.


Harry and Meghan have adjusted to life in the States
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After learning she had won, Meghan issued a statement in March thanking the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for the prestigious honor.

This is a joint accomplishment for me, the majority of the women on the Archetypes team, and the motivational guests who joined me each week.

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