The royal author says King Charles is 'worried' about Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would ‘overshadow King Charles’ coronation – expert claims

According to a specialist, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s presence could “ruin” the coronation and “overshadow” King Charles.

Despite the backlash from Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, it is anticipated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will receive an invitation to the Coronation on May 6.

Tom Bower, a royal author, spoke about whether or not the couple will attend the upcoming royal event during an appearance on GB News earlier this week.

The expert claimed, in an interview with Dan Wootton of the Daily Mail, that King Charles can be “weak” when it comes to Prince Harry.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to be invited to the Coronation on May 6, despite the fallout from Harry’s explosive memoir Spare
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The expert explained that if the Duke of Sussex decides to attend, he won’t be given a prominent role, adding that “[King Charles] is worried about Harry.”

The message would be delivered if only he had told Harry, “Look, come to the Coronation, but you can have row Q, seat 54, and views partially obscured by a column.”

In addition, the expert claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who openly criticized the company in their Netflix documentary, might detract attention from the monarch.

I believe that the Coronation will be ruined if he permits Harry to attend, he continued.

“Harry and Meghan’s presence will overshadow it.” Charles needs to decide now, in my opinion.

“The king must make a decision, and I believe that, generally speaking, people are growing tired of Harry.”

According to Michael Cole, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, the King will look good no matter what he decides to do about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Tom Bower said the monarch can be ‘weak’ when it comes to Prince Harry and warned that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could ‘overshadow’ the coronation
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Michael praised the king for how he handled the circumstance, saying, “The King, actually, has played a blinder here.”

He has been very clear that his youngest son and his youngest son’s wife are more than welcome to attend the coronation.

The expert stated that since “the ball is in their court,” failing to show up could be interpreted as “petty and mean-spirited.”

The royal expert warns that if they do travel from California, they could face accusations of hypocrisy because they have openly criticized the institution in their six-part Netflix special.

It comes after the couple’s friends claimed this week that they are “in limbo” and debating the “million different factors” influencing their choice.

According to sources close to the Duke, Harry wants to be by his father’s side on “pretty much the most important day” and hopes to mend his strained relationship with the Royal Family.

According to insiders, the decision is “complicated” because the couple runs the risk of “being booed or labeled hypocrites” as well as being accused of “snubbing” the family by choosing not to attend.


Royal expert Tom Bower said King Charles (pictured in May 2022) is ‘worried’ about his youngest son
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The couple’s friends claim they won’t decide whether or not to go to the Coronation until a formal invitation is delivered to their California home.

They will then decide whether to attend the historic occasion together or if Harry, 38, will go alone. It’s also conceivable that neither shows up.

It is understood that Harry or Meghan’s, both 41, trip to the UK for the wedding would be “brief.”

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With King Charles and William refusing to accede to Harry’s demands for an apology, the MailOnline exclusively reported that “ill will is still boiling over in the family.”

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