The royal children take after King Charles III

Prince Harry and Meghan’s children Lilibet and Archie are just like grandpa Charles

Despite the fact that they reside on opposite sides of the world from their grandfather King Charles, Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie appear to share the king’s passion for gardening.

The green-fingered kids were pictured with their mother, Meghan Markle, in their vegetable patch at their Montecito, California, home in the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan.


King Charles is an avid gardener
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The kids were seen assisting in the planting of a variety of flowers and vegetables to supplement their already thriving garden. King Charles, their grandfather, developed a love of gardening at a young age.

He previously revealed to Gardeners World that he and his younger sister Princess Anne “grew vegetables and things” in a plot at Buckingham Palace.

Additionally, he had pleasant memories of his grandmother’s garden at Royal Lodge in Windsor. As a young child, Charles recalled being completely enthralled while exploring and admiring all the plants.

The King continued “Everything, including the smell, made a big impression on me. I’m not sure why, but I also developed a love for trees; they’ve always intrigued me.”


Lilibet and Archie seen helping Meghan in the garden


Charles has lived in Highgrove for 40 years; the grounds are actually open to the public since 1994 in order to raise money for charity. He painstakingly organized the gardens, transforming them into a collection of unique “outdoor rooms” that he welcomes visitors to each summer.

The royal heir’s other passion, watercolor painting, is reflected in the 15-acre landscape’s riot of vibrant blooms. “His Royal Highness has a wonderful eye for colour; he’s an artist,” head gardener Debs Goodenough has previously told HELLO!. “He enjoys pruning and also pulls weeds. He likes to spend time outside in the garden, which he is very familiar with.”

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Prince Harry looked well at the BetterUp conference
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A summerhouse for reading, enchanted nooks, and a plaque honoring Prince George’s planting of a balsam poplar that is now over 30 feet tall are all charming additions. A bronze relief of the Queen Mother wearing her pearls and gardening hat is a tribute to the Prince’s grandmother, who encouraged him to develop his love of gardening.

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