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Prince Harry and Meghan’s neighbour on why Princess Lilibet will be the ‘most famous person in the US’

Archie, 3, and 21-month-old Lilibet are being raised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Montecito, California, a city well known for its A-list residents.

In their Netflix documentary series, Prince Harry and Meghan gave viewers a glimpse into their lives in the US, with cute cameos from Archie and Lilibet.


Lilibet was born and christened in the US
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But what lies in store for the Sussex kids in the future? Sandro Monetti, a LA-based royal expert, discussed why he believes Lilibet will be the most well-known person in the US when she is older on HELLO!’s Right Royal Podcast.

As Archie and Lilibet get older, Sandro predicts Harry and Meghan will move, adding: “When the kids are older, I see [Harry and Meghan] relocating to Los Angeles County, possibly to Malibu, which Princess Diana loved so much. As their Hollywood careers advance and they choose to concentrate on that going forward, Bel-Air may become more prominent as well, closer to the action.”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose a poignant day
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Harry and Meghan officially announced last week that they will be using the royal titles Archie and Lilibet currently hold, making them Prince and Princess of Sussex.

The Duke of Sussex’s children will be allowed to use their royal titles at the end of 2022, according to an exclusive we published. This is true even though Harry and Meghan have stepped down from their roles as working royals.

The couple is expected to use their children’s names in formal contexts but not in casual conversation.


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According to reports, they are concerned about not taking away their children’s birthrights but rather giving them the choice to decide for themselves when they are older whether to stop using the titles or not.

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Archie and Lili are automatically considered prince and princess under the regulations established by King George V in 1917 because they are the offspring of a sovereign’s son.

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