Prince Harry appears in new video for BetterUp with Chloe Kim

As part of his new position as BetterUp’s chief impact officer, Prince Harry made an appearance and reminded royal fans that we “all have greatness within us.”

The father of two conducted interviews with US Olympian Chloe Kim and other people for the coaching and mental health company’s short film.

At the beginning of the video, Prince Harry said, “We all have greatness within us.” “Mental fitness enables us to do so. You approach your mind as something to flex, not fix, in this ongoing practice.


Harry interviewed olympian Chloe Kim for BetterUp


The “Queen of snowboarding,” Chloe, was then asked to discuss “the relationship between the mind and the body when it comes to performing at peak levels.”

After the 2022 Winter Olympics and the 2018 season, Chloe took a break from competition. When asked why, she responded, “It would be unrealistic for me to go out there and expect to land an amazing run, learn a new trick if I wasn’t feeling good mentally.

And when I’m doubting myself and experiencing negative emotions, I can’t expect to perform at my best.


Harry spoke about the importance of mental fitness


“My physical health will be in jeopardy if I’m not feeling well mentally, and they go hand in hand,” she continued. I’ve been putting that first and paying attention to my body for the past couple of years, and I couldn’t be in a better place.

He also talked to psychologist Adam Grant, who said that exercise improves his mental health, and BetterUp user Blu Mendoza, who shared his love of journaling.

Harry revealed in February that he makes time for his own mental health each morning.

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Prince Harry Called Chloe Kim the “Queen of Snowboarding”


When I’m like, “Okay, one of the kids has gone to school, the other one is taking a nap,” I now put in about 30 to 45 minutes in the morning, even if I only have a 15-minute blank slate. During the virtual event, he informed Serena Williams that there was a break in the schedule.

He continued by saying: “It’s either for workouts, taking the dog for a walk, get out into nature, maybe meditate.” He then explained how he uses his free time to better himself.


  1. I concur that mental fitness/health is just as important as physical health. If you don’t believe in yourself, like yourself and OWN who you are, you will never truly be able to succeed, nor will you be able to be objective and see the good in others. I know first hand that no matter what poison people try to put into a child, or even an adult’s head, to attempt to make them feel less than or even hate themselves…if they believe in themselves and LIKE themselves, the poison will not be absorbed therefore won’t affect them.

    Being a woman who has suffered physical and emotional/psychological abuse for most of my life…and I am a survivor of being sexually assaulted before my 6th birthday , I’m also aware of how stress presents itself within me. I tend to somatosize (emotional upheaval presents itself through physical symptoms). Sleep is the first thing to go. If the stress continues or gets worse, I can’t hold anything down, meaning I puke. I then eventually lose my appetite, all together which leads to weight loss (as if my tiny self could stand to lose weight). My hair eventually starts falling out and when I’m pretty much at my wits end, I’ll start passing out. Yep, I’ll drop like a ton of bricks. Exercise did help when I was younger, as I used to run to help dissipate those toxic stress hormones. Engaging in kitchen therapy (cooking, baking, and confection decorating) has always helped, and I’ve used this as my primary coping mechanism since I was a preteen. . Listening to music also really helps, as I am an avid music lover. I also tend to isolate. I’ve spent most of my adult life alone, so I have no problem being in my own company. I’d rather be by myself than with people I don’t like, don’t trust, or who like to bring drama/nonsense. I also isolate because I can get snippy when emotionally taxed. The key is to know yourself, your body, and know when you are feeling emotional taxed or overwhelmed.

    No amount or depth of pain (emotional, psychological, or even physical) are strong enough or worth self medicating. I grew up with family members who were either alcoholics and/or drug users so I saw what that stuff can do to a person’s life. I also used to watch a lot of TV, so I saw the dire consequences of self-medicating. Compound that with the fact that I am a self professed control freak….Ummm NO, I’d never turn to poison as a means to cope with the stressors of life. I try not to judge those who have resorted to such measures but I don’t see how anyone would even voluntarily try a substance that could produce a problem when you see all over TV via documentaries, media, shows, and movies what that sh*t can do to you and your life. It’s just not worth it. No amount of pain or curiosity would make me try it…none. I’d rather suck it up, feel the pain, process it, and eventually move forward instead of risk turning my life into a sh*t storm because of drugs or alcohol abuse. I know that my one of my daughters has a heroine addiction but that is no fault of her own. That poison was FORCED into her veins beginning when she was a preteen. She did NOT voluntarily try that stuff and had I raised her, she never would have touched it or anything else. To be completely 100, she wouldn’t exist under normal circumstances because I NEVER would have laid down with her father, David Duke, because I abhor everything that man stands for but she is here and she is mine. So, of course, I love her and will be there for her until the day I die. Bi tell you this, if there is ANYONE who can glue her together and put her on the path to have as normal life as she could have…it’s me.

  2. TYPO…I tell you this, if there is ANYONE who can glue her together and put her on the path to having as normal life as she can have…it’s me.

  3. Darlita LaRie Stephens

    To add…stress also presents itself within me through headaches. As a teenager, things with my mom were so bad and I was so stressed out, that I was started getting headaches. so my grandmother took me to our family doctor, Dr. Sokol. He actually told my grandmother to keep my mother away from me for a few days because he knew that she was my primary source of stress and how bad she treated me. Yep…a doctor actually recommended that. So, ummm, yeah, it was that bad and everyone knew. Yet, these envious, devil-hearted b*stards did to me what they’ve done. I’m sorry but not only am I NOT going to forgive, several people are going to get theirs, including that pool-of-vipers who call themselves my family.

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