The Duke of Sussex arrived at the airport's exclusive private suites in a black Range Rover

Prince Harry arriving in London today amid King Charles’ cancer diagnosis– pictured at LA airport

Tuesday, February 6, marks Prince Harry’s arrival in London after he hurried to LAX airport upon learning of King Charles’s cancer diagnosis.

Harry was spotted on Monday driving up in a black Range Rover to the airport’s exclusive private suites, following reports that Charles had called his son to inform him he had cancer.


Harry did not travel to the UK with Meghan
Photo: © Mike Coppola

Harry seems to have traveled without his wife, Meghan Markle, and their two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, based on images that The Sun was able to obtain.

HI! recognizes that Meghan will spend her time in school staying at their Montecito family home with Archie and Lilibet.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s office attested to this: “The Duke did discuss his diagnosis with his father. In the upcoming days, he will visit His Majesty in the United Kingdom.”

It is believed that Charles, 75, told Harry directly about his diagnosis prior to making the announcement via a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

Tuesday at noon is when Harry is anticipated to land in the UK and then rush to see his father.

Though Harry and his father haven’t had a good relationship lately, it’s hoped that Harry’s recent health diagnosis will lead to a reconciliation.

Author of a new royal book, Charles III New King, Robert Hardman, spoke on HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast last month. New Court. The King would “definitely” like to make amends with Harry, according to The Inside Story.


Charles and Harry’s relationship has been strained
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Charles was willing to make amends with his younger son because, in his words, he was a “optimist” and “not confrontational”.

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Charles’s cancer diagnosis was revealed on Monday night in a statement released by Buckingham Palace. The statement said: “His Majesty has started a regimen of routine treatments today. Doctors have advised him to delay engagements with the public during this time. His Majesty will conduct regular State business and file official documents during this time.

Because of a recent hospital procedure, the King is grateful to his medical team for their prompt intervention. He is still entirely satisfied with his care and eager to get back to doing his official duties as soon as possible.

“In order to dispel rumors and to promote public awareness for all cancer sufferers worldwide, His Majesty has decided to disclose his diagnosis.”

Although the type has not been confirmed, Buckingham Palace has stated that it is not prostate cancer.


Harry has flown back to London to see his dad
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“His Majesty has been treated for benign prostate enlargement,” the Palace stated in a briefing. During this intervention, a different matter of concern was identified and later determined to be a type of cancer. The proper care will now be given to this second condition.

“At this time, no additional information is being disclosed; however, His Majesty is receiving professional care and anticipates soon returning to full public duty.”

The briefing note also stated that the monarch is “wholly positive about his treatment, grateful to his medical team for their expert care and swift intervention, and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.”


King Charles has announced he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer
Photo: © Buckingham Palace


Charles was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing treatment at The London Clinic for an enlarged prostate. Throughout Charles’s recuperation, Queen Camilla made visits to show her support for the King.

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On January 17, the King’s benign condition was first made public after he was diagnosed following symptoms he had while visiting Birkhall in Scotland.

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