Harry is reportedly in a 'complicated predicament' over Coronation attendance

Prince Harry in ‘predicament’ over whether to attend King’s Coronation

According to reports, Prince Harry is unsure whether or not to go to his father’s coronation in May.

Friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claim that the couple is “in limbo” and considering the “million different factors” that will affect their decision to attend.



According to sources close to the Duke, Harry wants to stand by the King on “pretty much the most important day” and hopes to mend his strained relationship with the Royal Family.

According to insiders, the decision is “complicated” because the couple runs the risk of “being booed or labeled hypocrites” as well as being accused of “snubbing” the family by choosing not to attend.

The couple’s friends claim they won’t decide whether or not to go to the Coronation until a formal invitation is delivered to their California home.


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They will then decide whether to attend the historic occasion together or if Harry, 38, will go alone. It’s also conceivable that neither shows up.

It is understood that Harry or Meghan’s, both 41, trip to the UK for the wedding would be “brief.”

Regarding their impending choice, a friend remarked, “They have no insight.” When they reach that bridge, they’ll cross it.

Harry and Meghan’s representatives were contacted by MailOnline for comment via email.


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The friend’s comments follow last week’s revelation by a source close to the couple that Harry will demand a meeting with the King and Prince William before departing the US if he attends the Coronation.

Despite the fallout from Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, which was published last month, the Sussexes are anticipated to receive an invitation to the Coronation on May 6.

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They will do so as regular congregation members if they decide to travel from their home in Montecito, California, to the occasion at Westminster Abbey.

According to royal sources, some members of the Royal Family were said to be “spitting feathers” over assertions in Harry’s book and his media campaign to promote it.




The invitations are about to be distributed, but Harry hasn’t discussed his attendance with the King or William, according to The Mirror.

But before he leaves for the UK, he reportedly wants to meet with his father and brother.

According to a source who spoke to the newspaper, Harry has been very clear about his position and hasn’t changed it: he won’t go if he thinks the atmosphere will be as toxic as it was for the Queen’s funeral and Platinum Jubilee.

He has stated that he wants to make amends with his family and that it is up to them to decide, but nothing has changed so far.


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It is understood that RSVPs must be sent in response to the invitation by the beginning of April if you plan to attend the Coronation.

Harry won’t have any special responsibilities if he does go, and he and Meghan, 41, won’t be permitted to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with other royals.

Officials, according to recent reports from royal sources, would make sure Harry wasn’t seated next to his brother.

Due in part to the fact that their son Archie’s fourth birthday falls on the same day as the coronation, the prince may also fly alone from the US to London.

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Harry could be whisked in and out of Britain in a 48-hour trip that is referred to as “Harry in a hurry.”

It follows a report in the Mail on Sunday from earlier this month that suggested the Archbishop of Canterbury might intervene to help Harry and his family reach an agreement to attend the Coronation.

They were advised to accept if they were given a prominent pew and a guarantee that Harry would retain his royal titles.

According to rumors, the King wants a more “diverse” and condensed ceremony in May.


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The number of guests has been reduced by Charles to approximately 2,000 from the 8,000 who attended the coronation of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

In addition, he has cut the planning period from the 16 months it took to get ready for his mother’s funeral in half.

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