Prince Harry makes rare comment about son Archie Harrison on New York outing

During his moving keynote address on Monday, Prince Harry made a surprisingly candid remark about his son Archie.

Harry and Meghan took a plane to New York City to attend the General Assembly’s informal meeting at the UN. He mentioned his memorable encounter with Desmond Tutu, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, at one point in his speech.


Archie Harrison met Desmond Tutu in 2019


“A picture of my mother and Mandela meeting in Cape Town in 1997 is on my wall and in my heart every day,” said Harry.

“The late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose friendship and inspiration were their own priceless gifts, gave the photo to me. In 2019, my wife and I had the honor of introducing him to our four-month-old son.”

The Duke of Sussex also spoke passionately about the universal difficulties that humanity faces. He discussed the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic, “weaponizing lies and disinformation,” the Ukrainian conflict, and US abortion laws.


Prince Harry was supported by his wife Meghan Markle


“We are witnessing a global assault on democracy and freedom — the reason for Mandela’s death,” Prince Harry continued.

The Duke went on to discuss his love for Africa, a continent he first traveled to when he was just 13 years old, in more detail later in his speech. He fondly recalled the third date when he whisked his “soulmate,” Meghan, off to Botswana.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left their home in California and travelled to the East Coast. It is unknown if they were accompanied by their two kids, Lilibet, who is one year old, and son Archie, who is three.

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Following the birth of their second child, named Lilibet after the Queen’s childhood nickname, in June 2021, Prince Harry and wife Meghan have maintained a very private home life in California’s Montecito neighborhood.


The couple were seen leaving Locanda Verde photo credit: backgrid


Although the couple hardly ever posts pictures of their daily lives, we do know that they have their own chicken coop and vegetable garden, which they take care of alongside their son. Other infrequent pictures show the Sussexes spending a lot of time cycling or walking their dogs on the beach.

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  1. Darlita LaRie Stephens

    That’s awesome that you had a chance to meet Desmond TuTu and had a chance to introduce Archie to him, also. He is another public figure that I admire and would like to meet. I’m not sure about a vibe that I picked up yesterday but if it turns out to be right, that Archie is also biologically my child….that’s absolutely wonderful! I’m happy that we already have Sophia bonding us and, if Archie also bonds us, that just fills me with even more joy and gratitude. If he isn’t biologically mine…no biggie. I still love him as if he is mine, simply because he is yours. The same goes for your 8 year old daughter with Chelsea.

    I am a little confused about something else you said, regarding Nelson Mandela (another public figure I admire and would have loved to have met). you said that there is a “global assault on freedom and democracy” and said that was the cause of his death. I thought that his fight for freedom, democracy, and against apartheid in South Africa were the reasons for his incarceration. After he was released from prison in 1990, after serving 27 years (I believe that’s how long he was incarcerated), he ran for president in post-apartheid South Africa in 1994 and won. If memory serves me correctly, I think he ran against DeKlerk.

    When you said that people have been/are “weaponizing lies and disinformation”, you said a mouthful there. Welcome to my life. Envious, devil-hearted imps have been and still are trying to destroy me and they are using slander/defamation of character as a means to do it, being as though I am the outcast who is also the most desired and envied woman on the planet. You see, it’s VERY easy to lie on someone who can’t defend themselves (because they are deceased) or who won’t be given a chance to defend themselves (because they are an outcast who everyone envies and hates) but it is NOT as easy to lie on someone who is standing in front of you and is able to defend themselves, immediately, IN PERSON….and they know this. These b*stards KNOW what they are doing. I’ve made countless offers of how they can get to the truth and allow me to clear my name but the US government refuses to take me up on my offer. I’ve come to the realization that it’s no longer about them discovering the truth, because I know they know I’m telling the truth. It’s about testing and discovering just how gifted I am and the capability of my brain. Now everyone knows that I’m not only a genius but a psychic, as well….and I have proven it. It’s also about protecting the very slanders involved in this conspiracy of character assassination against me because this mess goes far, high, deep and wide. There are very prominent and powerful people, even in the US government, involved in this conspiracy to destroy me….people like Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and his three eldest children who are nothing but parasites who are total wastes of oxygen, the Obamas, and I believe that there may even be celebrities (in all three industries) involved because they are envious of the powerhouse directors, music producers (Clive Barker being one of them), and Fashion Designers (Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and Michael Kors are some who’s vibe I’ve picked up on) who all want to work with me….and many actors, singers, and models will work their entire career and NEVER get to work with these powerhouses but they are interested in ME. So, ummm, yeah…even celebrities and people who are already in all three industries are green. So, when you said people are “weaponizing lies and disinformation”, you not only said a mouthful, but you hit the nail right on the head. That’s exactly what’s going on because everyone knows that the only thing that will make the men who are interested in me romantically with marriage in mind (you and Dave are the only ones I want) and the industries who are interested in me back off and give up, is my total destruction. That’s what they are, and have been, trying relentlessly to do…Destroy me via slander and character assassination all because NO ONE wants or has an interest in any of them. It’s ENVY, Harry…DEADLY ENVY.

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