The Coronation is an uncomfortable time for Prince Harry as he is torn between royal life and his new home in California

Prince Harry ‘uncomfortable’ at coronation while Meghan Markle remains calm, says Princess Diana’s confidante

According to Princess Diana’s confidante, Prince Harry is experiencing discomfort during the Coronation because he is torn between his new life in California and the royal life. Debbie Frank, Harry’s mother’s beloved astrologer, claims that the Duke of Sussex will experience additional turmoil in the weeks following the Coronation, possibly even emotional outbursts and a move.


Prince Harry arrives at Westminster Abbey
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Prince Harry might be able to better articulate his life goals with the help of the strong emotional force of this period, it is predicted. According to the stars, Meghan is still in California, where she lives with her two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, and she seems to be doing okay. The horoscopes for Prince Harry and Meghan are presented here by Debbie.


The royal proudly displayed his medals
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Debbie observes that as Harry arrives at the Coronation, tense family dynamics are being sparked by tense Uranus. His chart makes it clear that he is going through a difficult time and that he will feel torn between being the royal Prince that he is and leading the alternate life he has created in California.


Prince Harry smiles back at Princess Beatrice
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It’s a true split, so it makes sense that he would feel so torn between the two sides of himself. He will only be here for a brief period of time before taking off for the US. But for some time to come, this division will continue to be highly volatile.


Prince Harry wore a morning suit to the occasion
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“From mid-June through next spring, when Uranus will transit Harry’s Moon, he’ll likely experience more upheaval, including possible home moves and additional emotional outbursts. He will want to express himself and make some unexpected decisions throughout it all. It’s all a part of the process of reinventing himself, which is what he ultimately does.

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The Coronation eclipse is readjusting Harry’s perception of his position in the greater scheme of things because it is located on his midheaven. His vision of where he wants to be in life may become clearer as a result of the intense emotional force of this moment. It marks both an end and a beginning.


Prince Harry took a seat with his royal cousins
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As she celebrates Archie’s fourth birthday, Meghan has made the decision not to go to the Coronation, and her chart appears to be in relatively good spirits. However, a few days after the incident, direct Mars crosses her Ascendant, bringing her back into the spotlight.


Meghan stayed in America with their son Archie’s fourth birthday


With Mars in Leo pushing her forward, Meghan will have a very public June. Although Venus changes direction on her Sun in Leo in late summer or early autumn, when the ghosts of the past are revisited and resolved.


The Prince of Wales, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and the Princess of Wales at the coronation ceremony
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“Meghan is not one to live in the shadows as she is a Sun Leo, the royal sign. She possesses a great deal of unquenchable firepower. She would never be satisfied with the business of working as a working royal or with a supporting role; she aspires to be a super-nova in her own right.

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