Prince Harry Wouldn’t Have Given Up Princess Diana’s Ring for Any Other Girl but This One

We all know the sapphire ring on Kate Middleton’s finger belonged to Princess Diana, but Prince Harry really acquired it when his mother died before Prince William proposed. According to Christopher Andersen’s latest book, Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, Harry was the one who decided Kate should have it in the end.

1.According to the book, when it came to Kate’s relationship with his brother, Harry was her staunchest defender.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

We already know that Queen Elizabeth adored Kate during her early dating days with Prince William — rumor has it that the monarch warned her grandson about breaking up with the now mother of three before he ever proposed to her — but it appears that Harry was also on her side.

2.Harry even went against his father and sided with Kate.

It appears that Prince Charles was not a fan of Kate and William’s relationship. “I don’t care what Papa says, Kate is the nicest thing that ever happened to you,” Harry allegedly told William, according to the book’s author.

Given their current state of affairs, it’s difficult to recall a period when the two brothers were so open with each other.


3.Harry may have had an important role in their relationship while they were dating, but it appears that he played an even bigger role in their engagement.

Harry made a beautiful and heartfelt gesture when he put up Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring for the proposal, with their relationship back on track and marriage in their future.

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When Harry and his brother were dividing up their late mother’s stuff, Harry chose the ring for himself, although it appears that he thought Kate should wear it.

4.According to the text, Harry would not have offered it to anybody else.

According to the book, Harry was initially hesitant, but eventually decided that he wanted his brother to have the family relic in exchange for his proposal – with one condition.

“Harry joked with his brother that he might not be so prepared to hand out the ring under different circumstances: ‘If it was any other girl…'” Andersen penned the story.

5.Harry hasn’t seen the ring in a long time, nor has he seen his family.

When Harry and his bride Meghan Markle moved to the United States to live a peaceful life, he left his royal obligations — and his family — behind. Even so, reading those accounts reminds us of how close Harry was to both his brother and sister-in-law at one point.

Hopefully, with so much positive history between them, they’ll be able to work things out in the future.


  1. I’m sure Meghan is absolutely thrilled that Harry was such a kind and selfless brother-in-law to Kate, and that iconic, world famous, stunning sapphire and diamond ring goes to a future Queen, especially as H says, that Queen is Kate.
    Yeah, I bet that went down a storm with Duchess Unremarkable ⛈ ?

    • Carrie J Atkinson

      In life we all are guilty of doing something or things we wish had been different; but, we all must admit. When we were a child we thought as child but when we became a man or woman we put away childish things and things. Nothing or no one will change there bond however the two of them has grown up with a more mature responsibility and their on lives. So give them time because it will heal all wounds to the extent they can and will handle as consenting adults.

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