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Prince Harry’s annoying habit that kept Prince William ‘up all night’

Living with your siblings can be tense at the best of times, as royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry discovered when they shared a flat in their 20s. Anyone who has brothers or sisters can attest to this.

The two had grown up together, so it only made sense that, in their early adult years, they would choose to live together while pursuing their helicopter licenses. Harry, then 24, and William, then 27, rented a cottage in 2009 while undergoing training at the Defense Helicopter Flying School close to RAF Shropshire.


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The sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who provided royal fans with an insight into their “first and last time living together” in a televised interview with the BBC back in 2009, did not always have it easy.

William discussed his younger brother’s bothersome condition, which had an impact on his own sleep patterns, in the interview. “He also snores a lot. Prince William said, “He keeps me up all night,” to which Harry jokingly retorted, “Well done, they’ll think we’re sharing a bed.”

The future King clarified, “No, we’re not sharing – it’s very important we say that!

Regular, natural snoring is not usually a serious issue. It occurs occasionally. Despite the fact that it might bother your roommate, we feel your pain, Prince William!


Prince William said Prince Harry’s snoring kept him “up all night”
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William didn’t just dislike living with his younger brother Harry’s snoring. The Duke made fun of his brother’s way of life as well.

“When Harry finishes the dishes, he leaves the majority of them in the sink, so when I get up in the morning, I have to finish washing them. I clean up after him quite a bit “The Duke said. Lies, Harry retorted.

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Prince William said, “Considering I cook and feed him every day, I think he’s done very well.”

Prince William has shared information about his cooking in the past. The royal previously recalled how, before he married Kate Middleton, he tried to impress her with expensive meals during his time at St Andrew’s University.


Prince William said he cooked for his younger brother
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“She would be sitting in the background trying to help, and basically taking charge of the entire situation when I would burn something, something would overspill, or something would catch fire. I was therefore very happy that she was present.”

The prince continued by asserting that while he was in the kitchen, his fellow flatmates were accustomed to “things catching on fire.” Hilarious!

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