The Duke of Sussex was questioned for five hours in court on Tuesday

Prince Harry’s emotional second day in court – photos and details

In his trial against the Mirror Group Newspapers, 38-year-old Prince Harry was questioned for five hours on Tuesday. He will be back in court on Wednesday for another day of proceedings.

The duke missed court on Monday, leaving his attorney David Sherborne to give an explanation; however, on Tuesday, the royal showed up and addressed the court.


Prince Harry waved to cameras as he arrived in the morning
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On Wednesday, Prince Harry makes an appearance in court…

At 9.52 am, Harry showed up, getting out of a black Range Rover. He appeared in a dark suit with a silver tie.

The MGN lawyer continued his cross-examination on Wednesday.


Prince Harry was questioned for five hours on Tuesday

What did Prince Harry say in court on Wednesday?

In response to the lawyer’s question about whether Harry would be “disappointed” if the court determined that his phone had not been hacked, Harry said: “To have a decision against me and any other people [bringing a claim], given that Mirror Group have admitted hacking, yes, it would feel some injustice… if it wasn’t accepted.”

Regarding his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, Harry insists, “I never discussed with the Palace any details of my relationship with my girlfriend,” which prompts him to wonder how the news media got the information.


Prince Harry was seen clutching paperwork outside of court


“Finally, Prince Harry, you have been in that witness box for over a day and a half,” Mr. Sherborne said after the cross-examination.

How has it made you feel to have to read these articles and respond to inquiries knowing that the entire world’s media is present in this very public courtroom?

Harry paused, appeared upset, and finally replied, “Erm, it’s a lot.”

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The royal also said: “For my whole life the press has misled me and covered up the wrongdoing. For me to be sitting here in court knowing the defence has the evidence in front of them, and Mr Green suggesting I’m speculating, I’m not entirely sure what to say.”

The Prince was questioned for roughly eight hours over the course of two days before being given permission to leave the dock at 2.30 p.m.


Prince Harry gets out of a car outside of the High Court

What is Prince Harry’s court case about?

The Prince alleged that over a ten-year period, Mirror Group Newspapers obtained information about him through illegal means in order to publish stories.

He joined his friend Elton John and other well-known people in a lawsuit against the Daily Mail and Sunday Mail publisher earlier this year.

Harry discussed his ongoing resolve to hold the media accountable while promoting his explosive memoir “Spare” with ITV’s Tom Bradby. He remarked: “If they want to police society and hold us and the wealthy and powerful accountable, then who is policing them?”


The Duke of Sussex gave evidence at the Mirror Group Phone hacking trial
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Last month, the royal suffered a setback when a High Court decision regarding his security didn’t go in his favor. Despite stepping down as a working royal, the duke wished to contest the ruling that he should pay privately for his security while in the UK. However, the judge decided that the duke could not appeal the ruling. At this time, his team has the option of appealing the decision.

What did Prince Harry say in court on Tuesday?

Harry said in a statement about growing up in the royal family and the spotlight, “As a child, every single one of these articles played an important and destructive role in my growing up.”

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The breakdown of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy was another topic covered by the royal. These kinds of articles gave him the impression that his relationship with Chelsy was destined to fail.

It was extremely upsetting for me at the time that she ultimately decided that a life as a royal was not for her as he continued.

Harry also compared his experiences to those of his mother Princess Diana. Despite what I’ve always heard, my mother was not paranoid. He testified in court, “She was afraid of what was really happening to her, and now I know that I was the same.


Prince Harry was suited and booted for his appearance on Tuesday

Will Prince Harry see his family while he is in the UK?

Where the Prince will stay during his visit to the UK and whether he will get a chance to see any members of the royal family have not been made public. There’s a chance they could get together while King Charles is in town because he just returned from a trip to Romania. Additionally, there’s a chance he’ll get to meet Ernest, Princess Eugenie’s brand-new son, who was born on May 30.


There is chance for Harry and Charles to meet in the UK
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Have other royals ever appeared in court?

Yes, Princess Anne was required to appear in court back in 2002 when she entered a plea of guilty to a charge brought against her under the Dangerous Dogs Act following the attack on two children in Windsor Great Park by her pet English Bull Terrier, Dotty.

Dotty was required to undergo training in order to prevent anything similar from happening again, and the Princess Royal was fined £500 for the attack, ordered to pay £250 in compensation, and given £148 in costs.

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Princess Anne has appeared in court before
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Princess Diana, mother of Prince Harry, once prepared to go before a judge in a case against former gym owner Bryce Taylor, who took illegal photos of Diana exercising and they were later published by the Mirror Group Newspapers. The Princess of Wales avoided court because the dispute was ultimately resolved.

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