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Prince Harry’s fears that Meghan Markle would leave him revealed

In November 2016, Prince Harry made a rare move by issuing a statement requesting the media and the public to respect the privacy of his then-girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Harry admitted that there was “huge curiosity about his private life” in a lengthy, poignant statement, but urged fair-minded people to respect Meghan’s privacy once it was disclosed that she was his girlfriend.

He also expressed his “concern” and “deep disappointment” that he was unable to “defend” Meghan from “abuse and harassment” as well as “sexism and racism” perpetrated by “social media trolls and web article comments.”


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According to The Times, while it was unusual for Harry to make such a public statement about his personal life at the time, he did so out of worry that Meghan might stop their relationship.

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Previous high-profile relationships for Harry have ended because to the media attention that comes with dating a member of the royal family. Chelsy Davy, Harry’s previous fiancée, admitted in 2017 that she couldn’t “cope” with being in the spotlight with him.

She told The New York Times, “It was so full-on: insane, scary, and unpleasant.” “It was quite difficult for me when things were awful. “I couldn’t handle it.”


Harry and Meghan wed in 2018 (Photo: © Getty Images)


“Prince Harry is concerned for Ms. Markle’s safety and is profoundly sorry that he has not been able to safeguard her,” said Harry’s statement, which was penned by his communications secretary, Jason Knauf. Ms. Markle should not be subjected to such a tempest just a few months into her relationship with him.

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“He knows the pundits will say it’s ‘the price she has to pay’ and ‘it’s all part of the game.'” He is adamantly opposed. This isn’t a game; it’s her and his life.


The couple now share two children (Photo: © Getty Images)


“He has requested that this statement be released in the hopes that those in the press who have been driving this narrative can take a breather and reflect before any more harm is done.” He recognizes that making a public statement like this is unusual, but he believes that fair-minded people will understand why he felt compelled to do so.”

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  1. Darlita LaRie Stephens

    I can understand how being in the white hot glare of the spotlight and living life as a public figure can be not just be unappealing, but it can be down right scary. People think that they not only have a say in your personal life but that they spew their venom and opinions with reckless abandon…completely disregarding the fact that celebrities are people with real feelings. Celebrities also have to be VERY careful about who the allow in their circle because most people don’t have good or pure intentions towards them, and some people are just down-right crazy. Case in point, look at what happened to the Tejano (Mexican) singer, Selena, who was murdered by the president of her fan club in 1994, just as her career was about to take off into the stratosphere. She, Yolanda Escobar, was crazy and killed her out of envy and greed. She had been caught stealing money from the fan club and she also had a sick obsession with Selena. She shot her in the parking lot of a hotel, after calling Selena to meet her there so she could make things right. Now just imagine all the nutcases and opportunists that you’d attract if if you are a celebrity and loaded with money but don’t know it. Or, even worse, you had been convinced that you were crazy because you finally became aware of it, so you let your guard down AGAIN. Umm, yeah….EXACTLY.

    Anywhoo…I commend Harry for coming to the defense of Meghan and protecting her. That’s exactly what a man is supposed to do. I’m really torn here. I am in love with Dave and actually prefer having a private life with him and our blended family over living a life in the spotlight. I crave peace…and always have. I do concede that I do really like Harry, though, and could easily grow to love him in the event that Dave and I can’t be together. We could do a lot of good together, as I share the same views as Harry does towards altruism and using celebrity status to give back/do a lot of good in the world. Harry and Dave will just share space in my heart, though, because I will never stop loving Dave. As I’ve said numerous times, this is a mess but I really don’t know what everyone thought would happen by letting a man like Dave come into my life, allowing me to get to know him, and allowing us to meet in person. It is what it is because this is how I feel.

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