The Spare author details the sweet moments

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter reveals Meghan Markle’s immense generosity

J.R. Moehringer, the ghostwriter of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” spoke candidly about his experiences working with the Duke of Sussex in a recent article in The New Yorker. He discussed their disagreements as well as the sweet times they shared with Harry and Meghan Markle.

Moehringer disclosed that he and Prince Harry got into a heated argument over Zoom after having a significant disagreement regarding a passage from the book.

Despite this uncomfortable situation, the ghostwriter also talked about some of the happier times she had while working on the book, like getting to know Harry and Meghan while visiting their house in Montecito.


Meghan Markle was incredibly generous to the Spare author
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Moehringer remembered a time when Harry impressed his daughter Gracie with his thorough understanding of the film “Moana.”

Meghan’s kindness in bringing him trays of food and treats to make him feel at home during his stay in their guesthouse was also praised by the author.

He recalled that Meghan “was forever bringing trays of food and sweets, knowing I was missing my family.”

Moehringer added that Meghan sent him home with toys for his kids before he left.

During their first Zoom meeting, the ghostwriter and Prince Harry bonded over their shared loss of their mothers.

Moehringer found Harry’s story to be both relatable and infuriating, and she valued the chance to talk to someone who related to the never-ending desire to call one’s mother.


Meghan Markle stayed at home for the coronation with Archie and Lilibet
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In his memoir, which was published on January 10th, Prince Harry gave readers a candid look at his life as a member of the royal family, touching on issues like Princess Diana’s passing, his tense relationships with other members of the family, and the difficulties he encountered as a child.

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Prince Harry stated to People regarding his memoir: “I don’t want to tell anyone what to think of it, and that includes my family. In many ways, this book and its truths are an extension of my own journey with mental illness.

“It’s a raw account of my life—the good, the bad, and everything in between.”

Prince Harry and Meghan’s interactions with the royal family have come under close scrutiny in recent years. The world was shocked by their decision to resign from their positions as senior members of the royal family in early 2020.


The Duke of Sussex returned to Meghan Markle in California


Since that time, the couple has moved to California, where they have continued to work on their charitable endeavors, including the establishment of their Archewell Foundation, and they have spoken out on issues like racial injustice and mental health.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also participated in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 during which they leveled several accusations against the royal family.

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