The Duke of Sussex has been making changes to his appearancePhoto: Getty Images

Prince Harry’s latest Californian makeover – did you notice?

Prince Harry has adopted the wellness-inspired way of life that is popular in his new home state of California by making a number of subtle changes to his appearance since moving there.

While promoting Spare in a series of TV interviews, fans of the Duke of Sussex observed that his hair appeared thicker and fuller, and others noted that his teeth appeared lovely and white in anticipation of his appearance on Oprah’s program The Me You Can’t See.


Prince Harry’s skin looked smooth in March 2023
Photo: Instagram

After he appeared dewy and radiant during his appearance at the BetterUp conference on March 9, many believe the 38-year-old has recently undergone a procedure to smooth his skin.

While Prince Harry undoubtedly appeared radiant, it’s likely that his chubby appearance stems from his happiness and enjoyment of the Californian sunshine, as many of his fans noted.


Prince Harry looked well at the BetterUp conference
Photo: Instagram


One admirer exclaimed, “He is soooo beautiful!” and another wrote, “Harry always radiates such optimism, energy, and contentment.”

We’re happy to see Harry looking so good because, after a busy period, it’s likely the father of two has a lot on his mind right now. He and his wife, Meghan Markle, recently christened their daughter, Lilibet Diana, and they also decided to give their children the titles of Prince and Princess, a choice that likely took some thought.


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The Duke’s decision regarding whether or not he will go to King Charles’ coronation in May is also probably weighing heavily on his mind. We hope that despite his busy schedule, Harry is keeping himself in mind.

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