Reunion on the cards?

Prince Harry’s real thoughts on dad King Charles and why a reconciliation is possible

Following his shocking cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry is said to have flown over to be with his father, King Charles, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Since Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, left the UK in 2020 and, most recently, after Harry’s shocking memoir, Spare, was released in January 2023, the Duke and his father’s relationship has been arguably tumultuous.


Reconciliation may be on the cards
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In spite of their differences, the two will probably become closer during this erratic period. Journalist and royal expert Robert Hardman stated to HELLO! that the King would “love” to make amends with his son.

“I believe he firmly believes that things can be resolved and that they can work things out. I believe that would please him.

“There are some things that are not negotiable,” he continued. Harry and Meghan are not allowed to be half royals; they are not allowed to come and go. However, I believe a viable partnership could develop. [Charles] would definitely appreciate that.

From Harry’s point of view as well as the King’s, reconciliation might be imminent. Even though Harry had a lot of negative feelings toward his father in Spare, he did share in the memoir a number of very moving moments from his early years that shed light on his father’s personality behind closed doors and occasionally included kind words of affection.

Engaging in Games


Harry recalled the sweetest anec dote of his father wrapping him and his brother up like hotdogs


Prince Harry acknowledged that his father “wasn’t the kind of father to play endless rounds of tag,” but they did have a special childhood game that they played together.

He had pursued us throughout Sandringham, inventing fantastic games, such as the one in which he covered us in blankets like hot dogs until we erupted in defenseless laughter, at which point he pulled the blanket and shot us out the other side. Willy and I may have never laughed so hard before. However, he stopped having that kind of physical fun long before we were ready.”

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Devoted Father


The Duke revealed whilst hugging wasn’t common, the King showed affection in his language and letters
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Although Harry made it clear in the memoir that his father could have communicated with him more, especially when it came to the lack of hugs and physical affection, he also mentioned how Charles used to constantly smell Harry’s and Prince William’s hair as evidence that his father was affectionate in other ways.

He smelled everything all the time. Roses, food, and our hair. He must have had a previous life as a bloodhound.”


A then-Prince Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry At Beating The Retreat, Kensington Palace.    Photo: © Getty Images


Harry also remembers Charles calling him “darling boy” in letters and using words to express his love for him throughout the book. Despite this, the Duke’s reaction was conflicted.

Harry disclosed: “I would occasionally walk upstairs and discover a letter on my pillow after a lengthy multi-course dinner. The letter would express his pride in me for whatever I had accomplished. I would grin, tuck it under my pillow, and wonder why, as he sat across from me, he hadn’t said this just now.

Charles at Home


King Charles being led down a hill at Balmoral by Prince Harry and Prince William
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Harry does a brilliant job of describing his father outside of his royal role in the book. The Duke remembers in a split second Charles’ evening ritual involving his portable CD player, which he dubbed his “wireless”.

Harry wrote: “We all stuffed our faces until we heard Pa, coming from his bath, padding past in his slippers. He had with him his “wireless,” as he called his portable CD player, on which he enjoyed listening to his “storybooks” while getting his feet wet. We knew it was almost eight when we heard Pa in the hallway because he was like clockwork.”

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King Charles kissing Meghan Markle on the cheek during her wedding
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The Prince also disclosed his father’s eccentric side by revealing that, due to previous polo injuries, his physiotherapist had prescribed headstands for him to do in his boxers.

Every day, he would perform them in just two boxers while leaning against a door or hanging from a bar like a talented acrobat. He would beg you from the other side, “No!” if you placed one little finger on the knob. Not at all! Keep closed! God, please don’t open!”

The King’s special bond with Meghan


The pair bonded over their love of music according to the Duke
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The book mentioned the King’s “wireless” several times, perhaps most famously when Harry disclosed the unique way King Charles and Meghan connected through music.

Harry clarified that Clarence House had invited him and his future bride to sample music for their wedding day. Meghan grew close to her future father-in-law right away because they both enjoyed classical music.

Harry admitted, “Pa became boyish in her presence.” I could see it, could feel their bond deepening, and it reinforced my own with him. It warmed my heart to see my father treating her like the princess she was about to—or maybe was born to—when so many others were treating her badly.”

Benevolent Father


Harry opened up about the times his father had supported him in Spare
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Charles loved Shakespeare as well as classical music, and Prince Harry prioritized Shakespeare when he was chosen to play Conrade in Much Ado About Nothing at Eton.

“No one had a better time than my father, who was seated in the middle of a packed Farrer Theatre on opening night. His son was performing Shakespeare, and he was getting his money’s worth. Here it was, his dream come true.

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“He cheered, howled, and roared. However, strangely, at precisely the wrong times.” Harry seemed irritated by this, but he continued by saying that Charles had once told him about the grandfather, the late Prince Philip, who had done the same thing at Charles’ Shakespeare play.


Charles was front and centre for Harry’s role in Much Ado About Nothing whilst studying at Eton   Photo: © Tim Graham


The sale of pictures of Charles’s youngest son playing pool in his underwear was another instance where it seemed like Charles was rooting for him.

Harry explained how Charles reacted, saying, “I was surprised and relieved that he was gentle.” even perplexed. Harry wrote, “He said he’d been there for me and had felt for me.”

Harry’s Anxiety


Harry confessed that he was grateful for his father’s apology after opening up about his anxiety
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Harry has acknowledged that his father should have supported him more after his mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997, but the Duke did appreciate it when he confided in his father about his anxiety and panic attacks.

Harry revealed what they had discussed at Highgrove: “Pa and I spoke at length about what I’d been going through.” I told him story after story and gave him the specifics. Towards the conclusion of the meal, he lowered his gaze to his plate and muttered, “I guess I’m to blame.” Years ago, I ought to have gotten you the assistance you required. I told him that he wasn’t to blame. However, I was grateful for the apology.

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